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flood-damage-companyAnytime a water, flood, or sewer back-up event happens, Glendale residents and business owners have trusted us for decades.  We are proud to be the #1 restoration company in the Valley.  We’ve built our reputation on providing certified water mitigation services at honest prices.  So if you’ve suffered a water loss and have flooding damage in your home, we hope you will call us for a free, no obligation estimate for any services that may be required!


Affordable & fast water restoration services in Glendale, AZ!


Getting help that you can trust from a reputable flood damage company that stands behind their work shouldn’t be difficult.  And call us, and it’s guaranteed!  We are serious about offering great service that takes the stress and worries out of the water restoration process.  Here’s how it works!


Just call to schedule a rapid response & free estimate today!


Free_EstimatesCall anytime and you’ll be greeted with a live representative that can immediately assist you.  Not an answering machine asking you to leave a message!  And when you call, the first order of business is to dispatch the closest water extraction & restoration crew to your home to perform a full assessment & provide a free estimate!

Don’t wait around – call for a free estimate now!


We take care of the mess and also the insurance claim!


bill-directWe don’t just provide emergency flood damage cleanup services, but we also provide insurance claim assistance.  That means that from A-to-Z, we can handle your claim.  No need to call your adjuster and wait for a claim number…just call us first!  We’ll take care of the paperwork and also send the bill to them for our services.

We can bill the insurance company!


We don’t cut corners when restoring your property!


checklistWe hire good people & make sure they’re certified.

By hiring us as your water damage company, you’re putting faith in us and our employees.  That is something that we can never take lightly, and it’s why every candidate for employment undergoes a background screen and employed technicians have to submit to random drug testing.  And of course, they’re certified to do the work!


icon-feature-fan-croppedWe use state-of-the-art equipment throughout the process.

Each job requires an individual approach and a different variety of equipment.  What works for sewage removal services doesn’t make sense for clean water losses.  And the type of area affected plays a huge role in what water cleanup & drying equipment we use.  We promise to use the best equipment to ensure the work is done correctly!


Call us before any mold begins forming!


We get calls all the time from homeowners that decided they could handle the water removal & dryout process themselves.  It usually goes something like this:

mold-spores“We had a flood a few weeks ago and got out all of the water and turned on some fans and though we got everything, but now we’re seeing water damage to our floors and walls and there’s a strong musty smell.  Now we’re afraid we have mold.  Can you help?”

In most cases, we have to inform them that they do in fact have mold and that we’ll need to perform a complete mold remediation process, including tearing out water damaged surfaces and replacing portions of the home.  And the worst part is telling them that while the original water loss would have been covered under insurance, the black mold removal won’t be.  It should never happen, but it happens all the time.  Please don’t have to make this call to us or any other water damage repair company!

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