Smoke & Fire Damage Repair

Fire-damageAnytime a fire loss occurs, no matter the size, it can be a traumatizing experience.  Seeing your home or office damaged or destroyed is enough to make you cry.  We know what you’re going through…we help people get through the experience every day.  So if you have fire or smoke damage in your property, we hope you’ll call us and let us show you what has made us the trusted source for residential and commercial fire damage restoration services!


We cleanup & repair fire damaged properties fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgIn many instances, a fire can displace your family.  It can be extremely disruptive to your life.  It’s just one reason we answer your call and treat it like the emergency it is.  When your safety and livelihood is at stake, don’t you deserve a Phoenix restoration company that is willing to drop whatever they’re doing and help?  We think so, it’s why we provide some of the fastest mitigation times in the business.  Call us and see just how quickly we can get your life back to normal!


We offer you great fire & smoke damage removal service at a fair cost!


You’ll be pleased to know that our rates for fire restoration service are determined by industry pricing standards.  In other words, we don’t decide what to charge for jobs.  The extent of fire damage and the proper mitigation plan determine our rates and those rates are determined by insurance companies.

Free_EstimatesBecause most of the soot removal & fire repair work we do is paid for by insurers, they, and not us, determine the cost of fire restoration services.  We use the same software to estimate the cost of our work, instead of deciding what value to assign to our services.  That means that when you get a free fire damage quote from us, you know you’re getting a price that is fair!


We guarantee the work is done right!


What good is fast service if at the end of it you still have Phoenix fire damage or you’re not happy?  We don’t think it’s much good at all!  It’s why we always stay committed to offering the best fire & water damage restoration service possible.


It begins and ends with our staff.

checklistAs a fire restoration company, we’re no better or worse than the people we hire.  It starts and ends with them.  We know that, and it’s why we make sure that the people coming to your property are the cream of the crop.

Each employee is drug-tested randomly and has passed a background screening.  And of course we make sure that they are fully trained in every aspect of the soot removal & cleanup process, as well as all other phases of restoration work.


satisfaction-guaranteeIt’s why we offer the industry’s strongest assurances.

Cleaning up fire damage in Phoenix shouldn’t be a guessing game.  There’s the right way to do it, and if every phase is completed correctly, your property will be in better shape than before the fire.  But sadly too many companies aren’t interested in doing things the right way.  But we’re certain the work will be done correctly each and every time…


It’s why every job comes standard with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year extended warranty on labor!


We have the equipment to handle any fire damage loss!


fire-restoration-equipHaving the right equipment is a must in order to complete a fire damage repair job.  But all too often, there are smoke removal companies out there with trucks packed full of old or run-down equipment, or even worse, without the right systems at all.  Try as they might, without the right tools, you can’t do the job right.

We make sure that we spend the money necessary to have the right equipment for any job.  It ensures we are able to quickly cleanup the mess and that every area of your home or business is returned to its pre-loss condition.

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