Phoenix AZ Water Extraction Services

Don’t worry…reliable Phoenix water extraction services are just a phone call away!  Our water removal & dry-out crews are fully certified water & flood damage restoration technicians and can be at your flooded home or office within minutes.  We are specialize in providing emergency water extraction and complete drying services and utilize the best equipment and most up-to-date techniques within the industry.  Don’t trust your home to the wrong company…call us for a free, upfront & written estimate!


Understanding the water cleanup process…


There’s a common misconception amongst people dealing with flooding that it’s a fairly straightforward process to remove the water and dry out the property…sadly, that thought process usually leads people to choose the wrong company or even worse try extracting the water themselves.  Don’t be fooled, proper water extraction is a technical, multi-step process that requires the right team and equipment!


Removing Items From the Flood

We need to get things out of the flooding waters path.  Whether they’ve already been soaked and are damaged, or if there are things that could be damaged if they’re left, we offer professional content pack-out services to remove items and have them professional cleaned and dried and can return them to their original place once everything is cleaned up.


Extracting Any Standing Flood Water

Whether it’s a couple of inches over a concrete floor or several inches throughout your top floor and dripping down on to your main level, it’s crucial that standing water is extracted quickly.  We have various equipment types designed to remove almost all moisture quickly and can safely remove the water outside your property.


Flood Damage Moisture TestDetecting Moisture Levels

Here’s where DIYers and non-certified companies go wrong…they don’t have the equipment or the training to spot all moisture.  Moisture can hide behind walls or under floors, and it takes special equipment to spot it.  We have moisture meters and infrared imaging equipment that can spot moisture wherever it is lurking!


Drying Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Carpets, etc.

Anything that has high levels of moisture must be dried quickly.  We have different equipment used for extracting remaining moisture and completely drying any surface.  The goal is simple:  get out the remaining moisture before there is damage to the home’s structure and/or mold takes hold.


Spraying Anti-Mold Substance

Finally, we use a powerful spray to stop any mold spores that might have begun growing.  The spray also helps prevent any future mold growth.  It is applied consistently throughout the damaged area and acts as another barrier against harmful black mold infiltrating your home of office!


Watch our water mitigation video to learn more….


We hope you’ll choose us as your Phoenix Water Removal Company…


We show up fast and can get to work immediately!

Emergency water removal services are our specialty.  With crews throughout the Valley of the Sun, we can get to your flood quickly and we always arrive with a crew ready to get to work and a truck stocked with everything necessary to extract water and dryout your property!


We price our service affordably and always provide a free, upfront quote!

We believe in offering great water cleanup services at a fair rate.  In fact, our rates are determined by your insurance carrier…we use the same pricing guidelines and software they do to determine how much they’ll reasonably pay for your claim.  Our quotes come in writing as well, so you know the price won’t ever change!


You only need one water cleanup estimate – here’s why…


That isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s just a result of how our industry works and how we estimate losses.  Because most water losses are covered by insurance companies, our water extraction contractors all use the same software to quote your loss.  Xactimate allows us to give you a quote the factors in the commonly accepted rates insurers have agreed to for any service necessary during a water damage cleanup job.  Watch this short video to learn why RestorationEze customers can be confident in the quote they are offered and don’t need to call anyone else!


Proudly cleaning up water and drying properties throughout the the Phoenix metro area:


Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Surprise, Lichtfield Park. Glendale, Sun City, Avondale, Sun Lakes


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Phoenix area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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What happens if the water mitigation process isn’t done correctly?


There are a couple of very serious repercussions should the water extraction & drying process not be done properly.


Degradation of the structural integrity

The structures that support your home and keep it above your head and not crashing down on your head are not capable of doing their job if they are wet. While every structure has some amount of moisture in it naturally, excess moisture is bad news and if left untreated, can cause walls to collapse, ceilings to fall, or floors to give way.


Black mold

mold-inspectionMold exists in every environment, and even if your home is ‘dry’, it is present. But all mold needs to thrive in your home is a bit of excess moisture. Once that happens, you’re truly on the clock to get the moisture out before toxic black mold takes over. How long exactly? It depends on the type of surface effected and the temperature/relative humidity in the area, but generally a couple of days. Not weeks, not months, but days. As you can see, the water removal process takes on an entirely new sense of urgency when you realize that any delay can turn your home into a mold area that can put your health at risk.

That means that when you call our Phoenix water damage restoration professionals, you can bank on getting your property fully dried out, cleaned and restored.  In fact, each of our Phoenix flood damage crews stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We offer a free estimate for your flooding cleanup needs!  So if you’re not sure what to do, and meanwhile you have standing water in your home or place of business, please know that acting fast is the most important thing.

Call us now and speak to a live Phoenix water extraction expert that can be at your property fast to help get the water out of your home (or office) and help get your life back to normal.  Our Phoenix water cleanup professionals can even handle the insurance process and directly bill your insurance company…so call today for a free water removal estimate!