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commercial-sewage-from-floorWhen you’re in need of sewage cleanup services, you’ve got an emergency on your hands that can put your health and the health of your family members at risk.  How serious is it?  In our industry, a sewage loss is the most serious water loss as there is a high risk of disease or infection from the pathogens present in the water.  Any amount of sewage damage means you should contact us or another Tucson restoration company!  We can safely remove the sewage, disinfect the damaged areas, and return your property to its pre-loss condition!


Call us for all of your sewage damage restoration needs!


When you’re faced with a sewage backup in Tucson, you typically need 2 service providers: a plumber to snake out the main line or fix whatever issue has caused the sewer backup and a restoration contractor to cleanup the mess.  At RestorationEze, we do the cleanup and restoration work to make sure your property is free of any harmful contaminants that can make you sick.  Here’s just some of the benefits of calling us:


Reasonable prices & free sewage cleanup estimates!


Free_EstimatesWhen you’re not sure what to do or what you’re looking at in terms of pricing, give us a call.  As part of our comprehensive sewage damage repair services, we always provide you with a free onsite estimate after we’ve had a chance to fully diagnose your loss and recommend the appropriate mitigation plan.  We can then walk you through each line item in the estimate, explain what needs to be done, and make sure you get the answers you need for your questions.

How does our estimator determine the cost of our sewage cleanup services? Watch this quick video about the Xactimate estimating system to find out!


Friendly employees & certified technicians!


checklistWe have to remain focused on pleasing our customers or like any other business we’ll cease to exist.  And our 2 most important things is the quality of our people and the restoration services they provide.  It’s why we always make sure we’re hiring reputable people and giving them the tools they need to be successful in pleasing you.  We always drug test employees throughout their employment and require they pass a complete background screening!


What do our certified sewage cleanup services include?

Generally speaking, the process of cleaning up sewage backups includes removal of any solid waste as well as liquid waste.  We then tear out any walls or other porous surfaces that were damaged, apply disinfectants, then dry the surfaces completely before replacing whatever was removed!  If you would like to learn more about the sewage damage repair process, please watch our video:


Can I be certain you’ll do a great job?


satisfaction-guaranteeThat’s ultimately what you need to know.  You can educate yourself and try to do all of your due diligence, but ultimately you must be confident that the Tucson sewage cleanup contractor you hire will do great work.  At RestorationEze, we make sure of it by backing all work performed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If it’s not done correctly, the work is not done at all!

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