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Water Damage Restoration Fresno CA

Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWhen you need a water restoration company, you need help quickly and you need to know that your home (and your life) can be put back together.  We hope you’ll call us if you find yourself in this situation.  We provide complete water damage mitigation services, from water extraction and drying to put-backs and reconstruction efforts.  So no matter what you’re up against, RestorationEze is your trusted partner throughout every phase of your project!

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Questions to ask any water damage contractor in Fresno…


As the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to get your home fixed.  And that means acting quickly and diligently.  We want you to ask the right questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the answers…so here’s some things we think you should ask when hiring a water damage contractor in Fresno, CA.


Do they use Xactimate to estimate the loss?


One thing you want to make sure of is that the estimator uses Xactimate to calculated the estimate.  Why is that important?  Most likely your insurance company will be paying for the cost of the water damage repair service, and they have set rates they will pay for any given service.  Xactimate actually calculates the estimate using those rates, so it means you can be certain the loss isn’t disputed by your insurer and you don’t end up in the middle of a messy situation.

Watch this video to learn more about the Xactimate system:


Do they offer free water damage cleanup estimates?


Free_EstimatesYou should always be able to get a free estimate from a qualified water damage restoration contractor.  Our belief is that we have to earn your business, and the process of assessing your loss and estimating the costs of services shouldn’t set you back anything.  So while some restoration companies in Fresno may charge you for an estimate, we always provide you with a free onsite assessment & cost estimate!


Will they stand by their work?


satisfaction-guaranteeIf you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time you probably have your own horror story from a contractor that promised the world and left you in a world of hurt.  It’s happened to all of us, but the effects of a poorly mitigated home can be very serious and put you at risk.  So we think any company worth their salt should offer you a 100% customer satisfaction, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from RestorationEze.

So don’t get stuck using a water damage service that doesn’t want any part in actually standing behind their work.  Go with a company that is serious about making you happy!


Do they use certified techniques & follow proper protocol?


CertificateIconOur industry is heavily regulated and for good reason.  Doing a bad job is an environmental hazard that puts you at risk.  It’s why any water damage restoration company should be certified by the IICRC and follow all protocols strictly.  Despite this, there are companies out there that are able to prey on desperate homeowners and simply wing it while on the job.  It happens, and the results are disastrous.

So what should the water damage cleanup service look like?  Each job is unique, but in general we do the following to help get your home or business properly mitigated:


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