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mold-inspectionRidding your home or office of black mold isn’t as simple as applying a bleach solution and drying things out, despite what you might read on the Internet.  If you have black mold in your property, it’s an environmental hazard that puts your health at risk.  In short, you’ve got an emergency that should only be dealt with by a certified mold removal company in LA.  So if you suspect you have mold, please give us a call to schedule a free inspection and estimate for any mold remediation services you might require!


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Free_EstimatesIf you’ve discovered mold growing on your walls, or suspect there may be a mildew problem in your home, please give us a call.  One of our licensed mold removal specialists can provide you with an exhaustive mold inspection to determine how much, if any, mold you have and lay out a Los Angeles mold removal plan!

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How does the mold removal process work?


Hopefully this is your first time inquiring about mold removal services, and as such, you probably aren’t sure what it entails.  Here’s a basic run-down of the steps involved in properly mitigating any mold damage that has occurred in your property!



If you haven’t already, you may want to call an environmentalist out to your home.  They’re a third party that can take samples within your home to determine where and how much mold you have.  We can also provide a visual inspection to help determine the extent of black mold damage in LA you are dealing with so that you know the scope of the work ahead.



Containing the mold is essential to ensuring your safety throughout the process.  By containment, we simply mean making sure that we have enclosed the area in which we will be performing the mold remediation services while also allowing for proper and safe ventilation of the area.  It ensures we’re not kicking up the mold and spreading it elsewhere!



Mold removal can be done a variety of ways depending on what areas and things have been affected.  But generally speaking, we take great precaution to ensure we remove black mold from all surfaces and that any particles that are kicked up into the air are safely exhausted outside of your property and not sent to other parts of your property!



Once items have been disposed of and the area affected has had all visible mold removed, it’s time to apply Microban or another industrial strength mold inhibitor to kill off any remaining mildew.  We use various techniques to properly disinfect all mold damaged areas to ensure that no trace of mold remains in your residential or commercial property.



This is just a fancy word for going back over the area that we have performed the mold remediation in LA process on and making sure it is moisture-sealed.  Whether it’s painting the surface or other methods, we make sure it’s impervious to moisture so that there isn’t a chance the mold will begin growing once we’re gone!


Sit back and relax – the work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeSome LA mold remediation companies don’t have your best interests at heart.  They’re just there to collect a check, and if they screw up or you’re not happy, it’s of little importance to them.  But choose us for your black mold removal needs, and you’ll be choosing a company that guarantees your complete satisfaction.

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Don’t fall for the DIY mold removal trap!


We’ve been doing this for a really long time. In fact, over a decade. With that level of experience comes a lot a lessons learned. And one of the biggest things we’ve seen is the increase in attempts by homeowners to mitigate their own mold damage. It coincided with insurers refusal to pay for most mold claims and left homeowners with a difficult choice: put their own health at risk and try to cleanup mold damage on their own or hire an expensive mold remediation company to do the work. We understand the predicament you find yourself in, but it’s only fair that we point what we’ve seen over the years when people try and remove black mold on their own.


Safety, safety, safety

mold-containment-barrierThe first thing we try to stress with people considering going the DIY route is the safety concerns. Toxic black mold is exactly that…toxic. It’s poisonous to your body and depending on the state of your immune system and level of toxicity in the environment, can cause everything from minor health problems to very serious ones that can be life threatening. And when it comes to actually removing the mold damage, exposure levels can spike dramatically simply due to the amount of spores that are dispersed in the process. So when it comes to safely removing the mold, people often forget a couple of things: one, you have to wear complete, full body hazardous materials suits (including a face respirator), and two, you have to contain the area being remediated. That means you have to seal the area with plastic tarps and place a negative air machine within the confined area.


Mold removal isn’t as simple as bleaching

Bleach doesn’t kill off all the mold spores. However, read any mold DIY article and they’ll just tell you to wipe down the surface with bleach and you’re good. It’s a myth that has been perpetuated throughout the years and put the health of many in jeopardy. The reality is that there are many, many different strains of toxic mold spores and they respond differently to various inhibitors. Only a certified mold remediation professional will be able to accurately ascertain what removal treatment will respond the best to your unique situation!


There’s mold removal & moisture removal

Professional mold damage cleanup usually has 2 phases. There’s the obvious step of actually getting rid of the mold and the surfaces that have been damaged by it (and we’ve highlighted why that phase is fraught with danger for the inexperienced layman) but then there’s the final step which is even more crucial to ongoing health of your home. And that step is removing the moisture problem that gave way to the mold problem. In other words, any mold damage has its roots in excess moisture finding its way into your property. So one of the most crucial aspects to our work is getting to the bottom of that moisture problem and addressing it, such that you don’t end up with more mold a few months after we pack up our equipment and leave!

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