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Flood Cleanup CompanyFlooding of any size, shape or smell is traumatic. No matter if it’s a sewer back-up, a basement flood from a overflowing toilet, or your hardwoods are cupping from a pipe leak in your kitchen, watching your home get damaged by flooding is a terrible experience to go through. Our aim is to make that experience less difficult. We do that by offering LA residents and businesses the highest level of flood cleanup services along with the best customer service we can possibly provide.


The Dangers of DIY Flood Cleanup

Sometimes people decide to take on flood cleanup just as they would other home improvement projects.  Hop online, do a little bit of research, rent some equipment and knock it out themselves.  Then a few weeks later they call us.  Why?

Knowing what has been flood damaged and needs to be dried out or replaced is impossible without certain equipment.

Flood damaged walls

What you’re looking at is a wall that has been soaked by flood water.  But if you look at the picture on the left, it looks perfectly fine.  But upon closer inspection using infrared imaging technology, the camera shows something different: water damage.  If you had decided to take on the flood cleaning process yourself, chances are you never even think this wall is a problem.  Unfortunately you’d realize your mistake after it was too late and you were dealing with mold.


Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup Services When You Need It!


Emergency flood restoration serviceOur restoration crews are scattered throughout LA and one can be dispatched anytime you need them to begin the flood damage repair and water extraction process.  We can be at your property in less than 1 hour and each truck is stocked with everything necessary to get your property dried out and safe! When seconds matter, always go with a flood damage company that has the manpower and resources to respond to your call with the sense of urgency it deserves!


No Cost, No Obligation Flood Cleaning Estimates.


Free flood cleanup cost estimateWhile most flood events are covered under your insurance policy and we use standard pricing guides used by your insurance provider, we are more than happy to provide an estimate for our flood cleaning services.  You’ll know the steps we’ll take to restore your property as well as the full cost for any work necessary before we begin! Don’t get duped by some shady, fly-by-night contractor when it comes to getting quality flooding damage cleanup services at a fair price…call us instead!

How do you know our costs are fair?  Watch this video:


Flood Mitigation Q&A – Get Answers You Need!


Getting answers to your questions quickly is crucial to making the right decisions that need to be made immediately!  Here’s some questions we get and answers you need!


Will my insurer require I have a claim before the work can begin?

Insurance claim for flooding damageAbsolutely not.  In fact, waiting for a claim number means losing time.  Losing time means more damage and ultimately greater expenses for your insurance company. While you certainly may want to file a claim for the flooding damage costs, that isn’t the first step of the process. The immediate step after discovering a flood is calling a water mitigation company to contain the loss and lessen the damage.


What are the major dangers I need to be aware of right now?

There are 2 major dangers that any flood cleanup company must address immediately:

Flood damage can lead to black mold1. Black mold – black mold is very aggressive, typically growing within 24-48 hours after you suffer a flood.  Given the health risks of toxic mold, stopping it should always be mission critical for a flooding restoration contractor in LA!

2. The structure collapsing – moisture makes typically strong structures weak.  If you’ve suffered water damage on the second floor of your home that has sent water streaming down your ceiling, that ceiling is at risk of collapsing.   Even walls can collapse if they become wet enough!


Are there any pitfalls to the insurance claim process?

There can be but it shouldn’t happen if you hire a qualified flood mitigation company that has a lot of experience working with insurance adjusters. Issues arise when an insurance adjuster disagrees with the scope of work provided and rejects the cost of the claim. So how is that prevented? Like most disagreements, better communication.  It’s our job as a certified flood damage company to make clear why we need to perform the services we deem necessary and explain why that route is the most cost-effective plan possible.

Now granted, no amount of communication can overcome a flood project where the contractor has over-billed 2x the cost of the project.  But in that case, you’ve hired a crook. So that’s another nugget of wisdom: don’t hire a fly-by-night contractor!


What does emergency flood cleanup services look like?

We’re glad you asked!  We’ve spent years perfecting the art and science of fast flood repair services.  From the people we hire and the training we provide to the equipment we keep constantly maintained, the goal is simple: get you back in your home or office as quickly as possible.

Here’s what the process usually looks like:


How much does it cost to cleanup flooding damage?

The national average for a water mitigation job is just under $3,000, but please bear in mind that your insurance company is typically covering those costs.


Is there anything I should look out for when choosing a flood company?

Certified flood restoration servicesIt’s a decision that needs to be made quickly, and obviously the implications of the hire are huge.  The reality is there are too many people in LA county that tell people they are experts in water mitigation work but don’t have the experience, knowledge or equipment to do the job right.

One thing we tell people to make sure when they hire a restoration company is to make sure they are certified by the IICRC.


Providing flood damage repair services throughout LA & Orange Counties, including:

Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, Alhambra, Downey, Lynwood, Torrance, Norwalk, Lakewood, West Covina, Covina, Glendora, Pomona, Claremont, Fullerton, Anaheim, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Orange, Yorba Linda, Irvine, Chino, Riverside, Ranch Cucamonga


Flood cleanup Los AngelesCall now for a free quote & fast response throughout LA County!




Are you at an elevated risk of experiencing flooding damage from heavy rains?  If you live in a flood plain in LA county you may want to consider purchasing FEMA flood insurance for your property since typical homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage from outside water.

Los Angeles CA flood damage restoration is just a phone call away!  Whether your Los Angeles home or office has flood damage due to a recent storm or from something within the property, if you have standing water, you have an emergency on your hands.  Our Los Angeles flood damage crews have seen it all, and if you think it’s bad now, waiting to act only makes it worse!


If it’s a basement flood or a Los Angeles sewage back-up, or any other flood event resulting in standing water, time is crucial.  Acting now will save you money, will help save your Los Angeles CA property and the contents within the property.  Our Los Angeles flood damage crews are at your service 24/7.  You will always speak to a live Los Angeles representative who can dispatch a Los Angeles CA water damage restoration crew immediately that can usually be there within 30 minutes if not sooner!  Our Los Angeles flood damage technician can walk through your property, assess any damages, and provide a complete estimate for the cost to dry out and restore your property and household items.

Our Los Angeles water extraction and restoration professionals can also work with your insurance company and can help take the headache out of the claims process.  Our goal is simple: if you’re in Los Angeles CA area and have flood damage, we want to make the process as pain-free as possible.  From an immediate response to the final walkthrough, our Los Angeles basement flood and flood damage experts stand behind all of their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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