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water-damage-repair-inspectionWhile it can feel like an extremely stressful and trying experience, you don’t have to go through it alone.  You need an emergency restoration company that has all of the personnel, tools, and resources necessary to help you get through a water and flood event quickly and easily.  We offer complete mitigation, repair and insurance assistance services throughout Glendale CA, so call now for a free estimate today!

Residential & commercial water restoration services!


When water damage occurs time is crucial, so make the right call!


24-7-emergency-serviceYou shouldn’t have to call around several times before you can get someone on the phone that can help.  And you certainly shouldn’t have to wait around to get on their schedule.  make no mistake, your call is an emergency which is why we respond accordingly.  We offer immediate dispatch & are onsite within 1 hour!

24/7 Glendale CA flood damage restoration services!


How much does our water mitigation service cost?


photo_free_estimatesWe actually don’t determine the rates for any water restoration service you might need.  Huh?  Most customers are surprised to learn that the cost for our services is entirely determined by homeowners insurance companies.  We offer a free quote using Xactimate, which calculates the appropriate rate for service!

Insurance approved pricing & free estimates!


Do I have to call my adjuster first?


One thing that confuses homeowners is the role of their insurance company during a water loss (or any loss for that matter).  Because there is usually a claim, and the insurance company pays the majority of the bill, some people think it’s the insurance companies job to get their house fixed.

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWrong!  You are the homeowner, and ultimately, you are responsible for your home and the safety of anyone in it.  And only a professional flood damage company can contain your loss and complete the mitigation process quickly.  What does this mean for you?

Whether it’s a sewage back-up or flooding from rain, your first call should always be to us, or another Glendale CA water restoration company.  Your insurance adjuster will simply give you a claim number and tell you to call us, and you don’t need a claim open to get help.


How do you help with my insurance claim?


Because most losses involve insurance claims & repairs, we’ve made that process simple:


costs of restorationWe help with the entire claims process.

You shouldn’t have to deal with that process yourself.  It can be frustrating, and by no fault of your own.  But when you haven’t done it before, you aren’t prepared for all that things that your adjuster will need to complete the claim.  So let us handle everything from start to finish , just give us a call and it’s done!


bill-directWe send the bill to them, not you!

Because we work with insurance companies everyday, we already have relationships with virtually all adjusters at every firm.  What that means for you is that instead of footing the entire cost of the bill upfront & waiting for reimbursement, we can just send the invoice to them and handle the settlement directly with them!


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