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water-damage-cleanup-repairWhether it’s from heavy rains, a pipe in your ceiling has busted, or something clogged up your sewer line and it has backed up and caused sewage to sit in your bathroom, we can provide fast, emergency water restoration services that you can trust.  Throughout Pomona and the surrounding areas, we’ve been counted on when people like yourself suffer a water loss.  Please call today if you need an immediate, on-site estimate for free!

Emergency restoration company serving Pomona, CA!


All of our work is done right, from start to finish!


photo_free_estimatesIt starts with our pricing.

You need to know that the price you are being presented with upfront is fair and will not cause any issue with your insurer.  And choose us as your flood cleanup & repair company, and it’s guaranteed!  Why?  We use Xactimate to determine what to charge, and it’s the same estimating software adjusters use!


satisfaction-guaranteeAnd continues with our service.

Getting great service is assured if you allow use to mitigate your water damage and restore your property.  While some restoration companies in Pomona can’t be counted on to provide amazing service and are only after insurance checks, we stand behind all services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


checklistAnd ends with our convenience.

If this is your first time experiencing flooding damage or a water loss of any type, we realize how much it can devastate you.  It shouldn’t have to confuse and frustrate you!  That’s why we offer complete insurance claims assistance which allows us to work with adjuster and even send our bill to him/her directly!


We get out moisture fast before you get black mold!


Waiting for professional water damage cleanup services is a recipe for disaster, and so is trying to do the process yourself.  Water is truly an insipid foe, and something you can’t take lightly.


digital-moisture-meterWe find all moisture quickly!

“Well, of course'” you say!  “All of the moisture is standing in my carpets and on my floors!”  Actually, that water is easy to get out.  It’s the water that stays hidden and undetectable by the human eye that is the cause for greatest concern.  We use special moisture sensors to quickly find all hidden water damage!


Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWe dry out structures rapidly!

The only sure-fire way to stop black mold from growing inside your walls or property is to make sure it doesn’t have a hospitable environment to live in.  And that means all excess moisture must be removed.  We have a wealth of different equipment systems guaranteed to safely evaporate & exhaust excess moisture!


Call us & you’re calling the best technicians in the industry!


CertificateIconThe foundation of great service is great people.  You can’t be the best at what you do if you don’t hire the best people and give them everything they need to be successful. It’s why we place so much importance on screening each candidate and also making sure they’re drug-free.  And we train them & ensure they are fully certified!

Drug-free, background screened, and certified/insured!

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