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water-removal-diyIn and around Santa Clarita, there’s only one call you need to make if your property has sustained flooding damage from a malfunctioning appliance, storm water, or even sewer back-ups!  We have crews throughout the area and can always respond to your call within minutes.  In fact, we can be onsite within 1 hour and arrive fully prepared to begin the water cleanup and removal process immediately!

Call anytime for fast service & a free quote!


What makes us the only call you need to make?


photo_free_estimatesOur Pricing!

When you’re in need of an emergency restoration company in Santa Clarita, you only need to make one call.  Why?  Because as an insurance approved and certified contractor, we use estimating software to calculate our rates and so the price quote we offer is always fair & there is never an issue when the claim is filed!


checklistOur Service!

Emergency services are something that you have to move forward on quickly, and that means choosing a water damage company that you can depend on to provide great service.  If you choose poorly, it can be a very costly mistake.  We offer certified flood restoration service from fully trained & insured technicians…the way it should be!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur Assurances!

Trust us, having the peace of mind that comes knowing the work will be done to your complete satisfaction is priceless.  But with us, it’s simply a part of our great service!  We know you need to feel comfortable you’re picking the right company, so we back all water cleanup & drying service with a 100 satisfaction guarantee!


bill-directOur Convenience!

We handle the entire claims process with your insurance company, instead of you having to play middle man between us and them.  In fact, we probably already have a relationship with your adjuster and will have everything they need to make sure your claim is settled quickly…we can even just bill them directly for our services!


What does professional mitigation & restoration service entail?


moisture-reading_wood_flooringMoisture detection.

You can not effectively repair a home from flooding or sewage damage without knowing what has been damaged.  And despite what you might think, you can’t see most of the damage.  It’s why we use moisture sensors and other moisture detection equipment to ID all areas that have suffered water damage!


water-extraction-261x300Water removal.

Obviously getting out as much moisture as possible as quickly as possible requires sophisticated water extraction equipment.  We have systems designed for wet carpets, hardwood floors, concrete, you name it!  We can usually have as much as 98% of all moisture gone within a couple of hours on-site!


mold-sporesMold prevention.

Top of mind for any trained water restoration company is mold.  If you’ve got flooding damage, and it sits long enough, you’ll get black mold.  So before we evaporate the rest of the moisture from your property, we apply a fungicide that deters mold growth.  It basically just gives us a mold-free window to complete the dry-out!


water-damage-cleanupDrying & Repair.

The last phase is actually what takes up the majority of any water mitigation project we complete.  We use a variety of different drying systems, from co-axial fans and air movers to negative-pressure systems designed for hardwood floors, to get out the remaining moisture as fast as possible without causing other damage.

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