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water-damage-cleanup-companyMost of the time we take for granted all of the moving parts and systems that go into making our home of office function properly and the plumbing system that supplies and drains water coming into and out of our property is no different.  That is, until disaster strikes and pipe breaks or an appliance, toilet or sink malfunctions. Should that happen to you, it’s important to know that reliable, affordable water damage cleanup and repair services are available. With just one call we can be at your home within minutes to provide a free, no obligation estimate!


If it has happened to you, and you find yourself dealing with a water damage loss and aren’t sure what to do, please call now.  The key to any water loss is a rapid and effective response.  While there are many water damage repair companies in the LA area, we believe our service is best in class because we focus on not only providing the best water damage service but also the best customer service.  Here’s what you can expect by choosing us:


Timely Emergency Response


emergency-water-damage-repair-servicesBeginning the water extraction and property drying process immediately is absolutely crucial.  The sooner the water is gone and your property and its items are dry, the less damage that is done and the less likely you are to be dealing with a mold problem down the road.  That’s why we offer around the clock emergency responses and can be on your property within 30 minutes in most cases!


A No Obligation, Free Estimate!


Free water damage restoration estimateWe use insurance approved estimating software to determine the cost of any work you need performed.  We’ll walk through the property with you, assess the water damage and provide a complete estimate in writing for the total cost of any work we will perform.  You’ll never pay a penny more!  While you’ll typically only pay your deductible, the estimate will include all work and can be submitted to your insurance company along with your claim.


We Can Handle Your Insurance Claim


We handle water damage cleanup insurance claimsWe often find this is one of the more confusing parts of dealing with a water loss.  Sometimes people think everything most go through their insurance company and that they’ll take charge.  Sadly, this isn’t the case and it’s your job to get your water damaged property restored quickly.  But when it comes to dealing with the claims process, we can work directly with your insurance provider to handle the nitty gritty…it’s just one more thing we do to help make the process as pain free as possible!


We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction


Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWe are only as good as the last service we performed.  We’re homeowners as well, and we understand how much of your heart and soul is in your home or place of business.  We promise to treat your property like our own, and stand behind any and all of the water damage repair work we perform with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with the work that has been done, then neither are we, and we’ll make it right!


You get the right price – guaranteed!


What you probably don’t realize is that when it comes to repairing water damage in LA, every reputable restoration company uses the same software to calculate their rates.  We use Xactimate, and it’s exactly the same system that major insurers use to determine how much to reimburse us for the cost of the water damage restoration process.  Here’s a quick video explaining how you can be confident our quotes are fair:


Water damage restoration Los AngelesCall now for a free quote & fast response throughout LA County!





How do we actually cleanup water damage?


Cleaning up after flooding damage requires speed, the right equipment, and an ability to adjust your approach based on the speed of the dry-out process.  Many folks have no idea how we actually cleanup water damage, so here’s a quick video showing you what that process looks like.  It’s important to note that every project requires a unique mitigation plan, so what works best for some won’t be as effective for others.  But hopefully this helps you see for yourself what we do!


Act now before you get toxic black mold!


prevent-mold-water-damageHow long do you think it will take before your water damage loss turns into a mold problem?  If you guessed 2 days, you are correct!  Sadly, most people assume it takes weeks or months for moisture to lead to mold.  They end up delaying the water damage mitigation process and it costs them big-time in the end.  At RestorationEze, our LA water damage contractors offer a mold-free guarantee on all projects completed.  We realize the health implications of shoddy water cleanup services because we see them weekly when we’re called out to fix someone’s mess.


Call us before you call your adjuster – here’s why!


water-damage-repair-claim-mistakesAdjusters have relationships with other water damage cleanup companies that agree to offer their services at a very steep discount in exchange for business.  We’re not sure what you think about getting emergency restoration services from the cheapest guy in town, but personally we think it causes some potential conflicts:

If they are discounting their services, are they cutting corners to reduce their expenses on the job?

If they consider the insurer their ‘customer’, are they concerned with your satisfaction?

In our experience, many times the water mitigation contractor that the insurance company refers people to show up on auto-pilot and often times the property suffers because of it.

We believe you should have a trusted provider that has your best interests at heart, not someone worrying about honoring some back-room deal with your insurer.  So call us before you call your insurer so you have an advocate on your side that makes sure your best interests are being met.


If you’re in need of Los Angeles CA water damage restoration services, you’re probably stressed out and unsure of what to do.  Your Los Angeles water damaged property is probably not something you’ve dealt with before, but it’s all we do.  Our Los Angeles CA water damage restoration professionals are fully licensed & certified to get your basement flood or damaged property back to normal fast.  We utilize the latest techniques, each of our Los Angeles technicians is fully trained, and we use the best equipment on the market.

home-water-damage-restorationWe understand how traumatic having water damage can be.  Whether it is sewage back-up from a broken pipe or overflowing toilet, or a flooded basement from a water heater that is leaking, we’ve seen it all and can handle the job.  Our Los Angeles CA water damage crew will come to your residential or commercial property (usually within 30 minutes) and we can begin assessing the damage and provide a free, no obligation estimate for any Los Angeles water damage restoration services you might need.


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


Contractor detected a leak in a soffit and needed thermo imaging in order to detect where the leak was coming from within the stucco wall.

–Dane, Thousand Oaks, CA


The restoration company was hired to properly dry out the walls which were damaged from a leak that started on the first floor of the customer’s condo.  The water trickled down to the bottom two floors and the garage causing extensive damage.

–Steve, El Monte, CA

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