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Sewage Backup Cleanup Riverside CA

Sewage Back-up CleanupDo you have a backed-up sewer line that has sent sewage water into your property? While a plumber can get the line unclogged, you’ll need a professional restoration company in Riverside CA to make sure the mess is cleaned up safely and your property is healthy once again.  It’s not a job that should ever be done by anyone that isn’t certified to handle the mess according industry & OSHA standards, so please call us now if you need help you can trust!


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There is only one thing you should do if you discover raw waste water in your property: call for help.  Don’t try and clean up the mess, don’t wait around…call for help.  Why? Because sewage is a very dangerous, very infectious, substance.  In fact, sewage water can contain pathogens that can cause you to contract deadly diseases.

Watch our video about the dangers of raw waste to learn more:


As the video shows, the challenge of staying safe while mitigating sewage damage is immense. In fact, there are supposed ‘certified’ companies that won’t even do it. Again, if you think that you can read some articles online and throw on some rubber gloves and actually clean and dry your property and keep yourself safe during the process, you couldn’t be more wrong. Please don’t attempt it! Call us and let us provide you with a completely free assessment. Even if you don’t choose us to perform the work, at least then you’ll have a firm picture of what you’re up against and what you’ll need to do in order to have the situation addressed successfully.


We provide a free onsite sewage cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesHopefully if you’ve got sewage damage in Riverside you’ve left the property and can call for help.  If you do, the first thing we’ll do is schedule an immediate onsite loss assessment so that our technician can visually inspect and measure the loss, as well as provide a free estimate.  And if you’re worried about the cost, rest easy knowing that our estimates are generated using the same system your insurance adjuster will use to spec the loss.


100% satisfaction – guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you need a water damage company to cleanup sewer water, you need assurances. That your home will be safe.  That your family won’t get sick from the mess.  That your property will look like new when it’s done.  And most of all, that you’ll be happy with the entire process.  While it’s a crapshoot with most flood restoration companies, at RestorationEze, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Want the best?  Meet our technicians!


checklistCleaning up sewage from your property can be an extensive process that takes several days, during which strangers will be walking in and out of your property.  Don’t you need to know they’re safe, reputable people?  While some sewage cleanup contractors will employ anyone, and do no diligence on their part to vet their employees, at RestorationEze all of our sewage damage repair companies must perform complete background checks on candidates and randomly drug-test technicians!


Finding the water damage isn’t always apparent!


Even when you’re dealing with raw sewage, knowing where it has traveled isn’t easy. Many people think they can see or feel the damage. They are wrong. Take a look at the picture below:



As you can see from the regular photo above, that bathroom wall looks completely healthy and dry. Put it in front of a thermal imaging camera and the reality becomes clear. That wall cavity is full of moisture and if it’s raw sewage, contains thousands of harmful pathogens that can travel through the air and make you sick. Again, if you think you have the chops to find all of the water, safely remove it, clean and disinfect the entire area, and then dry it out before getting mold, just give it a try. We’ll get a call from you a couple of weeks later once you realize that things didn’t go exactly as planned.


We disinfect the area & dry it quickly so you don’t get mold!


black-mold-2The nasty viruses, bacteria and parasites in raw waste water aren’t the only problems when it comes to sewage backups. Any excess moisture means you’re under the gun to address it before you end up with black mold. So not only do we liberally apply disinfecting agents that kill 99.99% of dangerous pathogens, we also use the best drying systems on the planet to dry out your structure. Why are drying times so important? Because if you don’t dry quick enough, black mold will take over and start causing damage to any wet surfaces, not to mention having potentially serious health consequences for any in the home.


Your sewage backup may be covered by your insurance!


insurance-claim-formSometimes sewer backups are covered by insurance policies. While all standard policies differ, some companies will cover certain types of backups and overflow situations while other policies require an additional rider on the policy to ensure it’s covered. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re covered, we advise you to give us a call before your insurer. While you always hope your insurer will honor their obligations, it’s not a given. We always encourage people to call us or another certified water mitigation company before calling your insurer. It’s never a bad thing to have someone in your corner that understands how insurance companies work and can speak their lingo. Daily, we work for our clients to represent their interests with their insurer, and we would happily do so for you!


How can you stop a sewer backup from happening again?


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineDid you know that most sewer backups occur due to hardened blockages caused by cooking oils and grease being poured down the drain? If you have a habit of doing this, just by pouring the grease into a jar and throwing it out, you’re way ahead of the game. But you can also do yourself a couple more favors. One, once every 2 years or so have your main line snaked. Tree roots can grow into otherwise healthy drains and cause serious problems, and by snaking them you can clean them out! Second, be even more proactive and install a sewer backflow prevention device. This does what you think it does: prevents a sewer backflow situation!

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