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Riverside Water Removal & Extraction

water-extraction-serviceDon’t let a water loss cause you any more headaches than necessary! It can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to take long to get your property dry. At RestorationEze, we specialize in emergency water extraction & dry-out services throughout Riverside County California. If you have water in your home or office, and have questions or need professional assistance, please give us a call now! Speak with a friendly and knowledgable technician now and if you would like, we can send out a crew to provide you with a free water extraction estimate ASAP!


How can we help?  Here’s just a few things we do…


Getting help you can trust is difficult, but given the science behind water losses, should happen immediately after the water enters your property.  So knowing what to expect, what questions to ask, and who to trust needs to happen quickly so you can make informed decisions.  Here’s some things we like to make potential customers aware of right off the bat:


24/7 Immediate Response & Free On-Site Estimates


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgGiven the urgency of the situation, we specialize in providing emergency water removal services in Riverside County.  That means always answering our phone, and always having technicians on-call to immediately respond to your phone call.  With each hour that passes, your property will sustain more damage as the water travels into the subfloor, walls, ceilings, cabinets or anywhere else it can invade.  It’s why you need a water cleanup company that is serious about offering fast service!


Free_EstimatesWhen our technician gets on site, the initial step is providing you with a free estimate.  That entails taking moisture readings, measuring the effected areas, and line item detailing each step we need to take to get your property dry.  Our lead technician will perform the assessment and will also provide you with our estimate, calculated exclusively using Xactimate, the industry’s top choice for insurance damage repair estimates and the best way to ensure a fair rate for any water damage restoration service you need!

The Xactimate system makes sure any costs associated with your water loss service needs are based on insurance rates and not arbitrary figures thrown out by the contractor.  If a Riverside restoration company comes to your house and doesn’t use Xactimate to estimate the loss, thank them for their time and show them to the door!

Here’s how it works:


As our video hopefully shows, the cost of water mitigation services is universal. As long as the company uses Xactimate you should be good when it comes to your claim. What is most important for you is that you hire a company that you feel comfortable with. It’s a very important task you are asking them to perform, and it’s a decision that can’t be taken lightly! We truly believe that we are your best option, and we hope we will get the chance to prove it to you!


Certified water mitigation services from vetted technicians!


CertificateIconWhen it comes to your home, you’re not going to take chances.  But that’s exactly what can get if you choose a water cleanup contractor that doesn’t properly vet and train their employees or spend the necessary resources making sure they’re certified.  At RestorationEze, those are chances we simply won’t take.  It’s why we make sure any Riverside water removal company we work with fully vets their employees and ensures they are all current with their water damage restoration certifications!


Know what to expect from our water mitigation services:


Curious what the process looks like should you hire a professional water cleanup company?  Watch this quick video so you can learn what steps are typically taken during the cleanup and drying process!


Not sure how the insurance claim process works?  Call us!


When customers call us, they’re often confused about what role their insurance company plays in their loss and what they should do first.  Any time you have water in your home or office, you should always call a certified water extraction contractor first so that they can begin the process of getting the moisture out of your property before you get mold.  If you call us, we can work with your adjuster during the next step of handling the insurance claim, and will work hand in hand with them throughout every step of the process.

Even better, when the claim is successfully filed, we send our bill to them!


Don’t get tripped up when it comes to your insurance claim?


insurance-claim-formMost events that require a Riverside water extraction company are covered by insurance. But that doesn’t mean the claims process is going to go smoothly. In fact, there are several hurdles that can arise when dealing with an adjuster. The first is actually finding the right water mitigation company that you feel confident will do a great job. If you call your adjuster, there is a good chance they are going to try and get you to call a certain company. Why? Because that company agreed to cut their rates by as much as half. Always be leery of receiving service from someone that is going to undercut the standard pricing by half. Why? Because they have to find ways to save money on their expenses and overhead in order to still generate a profit. In other words, they cut corners when it comes to providing water removal services!


Wait for Riverside water removal services and you’ll get black mold!


mold-free-guaranteeIf you peruse our site, you’ll see how much emphasis we place on speed. Why? Because we have to act even more aggressively than black mold in order to defeat it. Delays cause lots of problems. Heck, even with no delays the challenge of drying out a structure before black mold sets in is immense. In fact, it’s so difficult it’s not uncommon for experience, certified water cleanup companies in Riverside to get it wrong.

For us, that isn’t an option. It’s why we guarantee your home will be mold-safe once we’ve completed the project!

Call us today and let us help you begin the process of recovering after flooding!


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