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Sacramento CA Sewage Cleanup

Cleaning sewage is not something that should be done by you or anyone else that isn’t a certified water & flood damage restoration provider. Sewage is an extremely dangerous water type that can contain viruses and bacteria that can make anyone that comes in contact with it very sick. So if your sewer line has backed-up and you have raw sewage in your Sacramento home or office, call us now for immediate service and a free, written estimate at no obligation to you!


Why is sewage so dangerous?


It contains harmful pathogens that can cause illness and even death.  Don’t believe us?  According to the EPA, raw sewage has been found to contain a host of harmful agents, including salmonella, tetanus, round worms, and even Hepatitis-A and E-coli.  If you do any research, there are countless DIY blogs telling you how to cleanup sewage.  Throw on some gloves and scoop everything out and apply a bleach-water solution and you’re done.  Wrong!  Cleaning up sewage is an in-depth process that requires safety protocols to protect those working to cleanup and disinfect the damaged area.


You can contract these pathogens from skin contact and through the air.  A common misconception for people that have raw sewage in their home is that as long as they don’t touch the sewage they are safe…unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  While raw sewage contacting the skin is a definite no-no, what people often don’t realize is that there are things in sewage that can be contracted simply through the air.  That’s why it is always best to immediately leave the property if you detect sewage and call a certified sewage cleaning company!

Watch this quick video to learn more about the dangers involved in the sewage damage cleanup process:


No matter where you are in the Sacramento area, we offer sewage back-up cleaning service made simple!


24/7 Response When You Need It.  If you’ve discovered a sewage backup that has resulted in sewage damage to your home or office, it needs to be dealt with immediately.  By calling us, we can have a truck and crew dispatched to your property within minutes.  Not only that, but our crews show up with all of the equipment necessary to begin work immediately!


Always Free, Written Quotes.  We understand that money is tight and it’s why we offer affordable sewage cleanup services and are happy to provide you with a free written estimate for our sewage backup extraction services.  We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the loss and then offer a detailed estimate for all work that needs to be performed to properly clean, disinfect & dry your property.


Guaranteed Service From Certified Technicians.  When you need professional sewage cleaning, why not choose a company that is fully certified to perform all cleanup and restoration services necessary and also stands behind their work?  Don’t trust your home and the safety of your family by fly-by-night contractors…choose a company that guarantees your complete satisfaction and performs the sewage cleaning process to the strictest standards.


Can I trust the price you quote for services?


It’s a fair question, and depending on what restoration contractor you ask, the answer can’t be certain.  But at RestorationEze, all of our sewage cleanup companies in Sacramento use Xactimate to quote your loss.  What that means is you can always rest easy knowing the price you are quoted is fair.  Feel free to watch this quick video to learn more!


If you’re in any of the following cities and need immediate sewage extraction services, please call now:

Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Davis, Woodland, Auburn, Folsom, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Florin, Elk Grove, Lincoln, Dixon


If you’re in need of Sacrmento emergency sewage back-up cleaning service, you’re in the right place.  With one phone call, our sewage & flood damage restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up.  Sewer back-ups can be a nasty situation and if not dealt with immediately can become extremely dangerous!  That’s why we specialize in providing immediate Sacramento sewer back-up cleanup services day or night.  Whether it’s a basement flood with sewer water or some other Sacramento flood damage event, you need expert help.

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your Sacramento water cleanup process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!  Each of our Sacramento water damage restoration crews offers free estimates on your backed-up sewer cleanup service so there is no obligation.

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