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Water Damage RestorationWhen it comes to water damage cleanup services, finding reliable help fast is crucial. Mistakes in the beginning, whether it’s delaying or choosing the wrong restoration company, can cause big problems later.  At RestorationEze, we make getting fast help from qualified water damage contractors simple.  Just call and you will immediately be dispatched to the closest on-call crew that can respond immediately and provide you with a free onsite assessment and cost estimate!


San Francisco Water Damage Cleanup Services – 24/7


We can assist you through every phase of the water restoration process.  From the initial assessment through the final walk-through and even with the insurance claims process and billing, we’re your trusted guide through every step.  Here are some things we can help you with should you find yourself in need of emergency water damage services in San Francisco:


A free estimate using Xactimate – guaranteeing a fair price!


Free_EstimatesWhen your home is water damaged and you need help fast, the last thing you should worry about is whether the water damage company in San Francisco you hire is quoting you a fair price.  Call RestorationEze and it’s always fair.  Why?  Because we use Xactimate to determine the cost of your project.  It’s the same system your adjuster will use and it gives ours customers peace of mind knowing the water damage cleanup cost they are quoted is fair.

Watch this quick video to learn more!


As you can see, getting a fair, reasonable & honest estimate for your water damage restoration project is easy if you call RestorationEze!


Certified technicians – always great water restoration service!


CertificateIconYou only get one chance when it comes to water mitigation & repair services.  If any part of the project is done wrong, you run the risk of even greater damage than you currently might have, and you can end up with black mold.  At RestorationEze, our water damage contractors are fully insured, certified by the IICRC, and carry all of the necessary licensing and credentials necessary to ensure the work is done right each and every time!


All water damage cleanup services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou deserve to know that when the project is completed you will be 100% satisfied with the work performed and the level of customer service from those who do the work.  Sadly that is not a guarantee with most San Francisco water restoration contractors.  But with us, your satisfaction comes standard with any work we do.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction and don’t consider our job done until you’re happy!


How does the water damage repair process work?


It’s important to understand that every project is different, and there is no template to follow across the board.  The type of water that has infiltrated your property, the areas that are affected, and hundreds of other factors come into play.  That said, here’s a look at the general process you can expect:


hammer_probeLoss Assessment & Estimating

We come and and examine the amount of San Francisco water damage you have.  We use moisture meters to determine what is wet and then lay out exactly what needs to be done in order to get you back in your home or office quickly.  The estimating process can take up to an hour and by the end you will have a full picture of the loss and the technician will walk you through the steps to mitigate the damage.


drying-wet-carpetExtraction of Standing Surface Water

Assuming you have standing water, we can quickly perform the water extraction process using whatever equipment is best suited to handle the surfaces sitting in water.  We have weighted extraction systems designed for carpets, as well as wands and pumps that can get most of the moisture out quickly and safely dispose of it outside your property.  We can have most of the moisture gone within 2 hours.


wet-basement-air-moversRapid Drying & Dehumidification

The last step is the one that can take up to a few days, just depending on the excess moisture still trapped in your carpets or walls.  We use high-powered drying and dehumidifiers to pass hot, dry air over, behind and within the surfaces.  Once that moisture evaporates, our dehu’s capture it and release it so no additional water damage is caused!  We come back daily to check the moisture levels.


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