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water-extraction-serviceWater losses occur for any number of reasons.  And when they do,  you always want to have a professional water damage restoration company assess the loss and recommend a course of action.  Inaction, or delayed action, will result in an even bigger mess and can put your safety in danger.  At RestorationEze, we offer emergency water cleanup services in San Francisco guaranteed to get your property dry and mold-free, so call us now and let’s discuss your situation!  One call is all it takes to get your life back in order and put this event behind you for good!


How the water extraction process typically works…


We assess the loss & estimate the cost

Free_EstimatesThe first step for any project is accurately assessing the amount of flooding damage and making sure we lay out an effective mitigation plan to quickly get your property dry and restored.  To do that, we’ll send out a crew and they can properly diagnose the extent of moisture and explain the process we’ll use to mitigate the damage.  We will then present you with a cost estimate for the work required to do so!

How do you know you can trust our estimate?  Simple.  We use Xactimate, the same claims estimating software that your adjuster will use to assess the loss.  It guarantees a fair rate each and every time!


We extract & dry using certified technicians

CertificateIconWe realize the trust you’re placing in our water extraction company, and it’s something we appreciate it.  We understand that we can’t keep you safe without making sure we’re utilizing the best techniques and employing the most qualified technicians.  So to make sure that is always the case, we only work with certified water mitigation companies in San Francisco.  Following protocol and using proven techniques is something every restoration contractor should be doing, yet sadly it’s never a guarantee!


We guarantee the work

satisfaction-guaranteeAnd speaking of guarantees, we offer the best in the industry.  We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the work our technicians have performed upon completion of the project.  In fact, in order to close out a project, we require a certificate of satisfaction from every customer stating they are 100% satisfied with the work we have performed. What’s better than knowing you’ll be happy before work begins?


We work with your insurer to settle payment

bill-directWhen it comes to filing an insurance claim, we make it simple.  As your guide through every aspect of the water removal service, we also realize it’s our job to help our customers navigate that process.  So we have a team of specialists that work with your adjuster and handle any payments related to our work directly with your insurance company.  Call us and you won’t be left dealing with your insurance claim on your own!


Can I get mold if the moisture isn’t addressed?


mold-sporesIt isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  And the ‘when’ is usually a lot sooner than you might expect.  In fact, in most cases a water loss that isn’t mitigated within 72 hours will result in black mold growth.  That is why we stress the importance of quickly having a professional water mitigation company assess your loss and begin the process of extracting water and removing all excess moisture.

At RestorationEze, we make sure to address the moisture issues so you don’t end up having harmful black mold spores in your property!

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