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Boulder CO Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyWe repair water damage from flooding of all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s a sewage back-up or water from your refrigerator line that has leaks all over your kitchen, we’ve got you covered.  Our water restoration company focuses on making the process fast while causing as little headaches for you as possible.  From start to finish, we handle the entire process of cleaning up water damage and fully restoring your residential or commercial property!


Here’s how our water damage cleaning service works:


Free_EstimatesWe give you an upfront quote at no charge to you!

In order to fully assess your loss and provide an accurate estimate, one of our project managers will need to inspect the water damage.  At that point, we can determine what steps will need to be taken during the water restoration process and the costs associated.  You’ll get an upfront quote in writing!

Wondering if you’re going to get a fair price from us? Let us put your concerns to rest. We always estimate your loss using the same software that your adjuster will use. Watch this video to see how our water restoration contractors always use industry-standard pricing when quoting your project:


bill-directWe work with your insurance to handle the claim!

Suffering home water damage is enough of a pain in the rear, the last thing you need to be worried about is the myriad of demands from your insurer to reimburse your claim.  That’s why we give each customer assistance when it comes to insurance.  We can handle that process and even bill them for our work!


CertificateIconWe complete the work according to IICRC standards!

The IICRC is the certifying body of the flood restoration industry, tasked with training & certifying technicians in the proper techniques of water cleanup & restoration services.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of water damage companies that aren’t certified, which means you could get shoddy service that causes even more problems!

So what does certified water damage cleanup service look like? While we can’t say for sure exactly what will go into mitigating your loss, we can educate you about the general processes typically followed during a job. Watch this quick video to educate yourself so that you can be sure to ask the right questions and feel confident the work is being performed correctly!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe guarantee all work performed!

Most water damage companies in Boulder are simply focused on collecting checks from insurance.  Your satisfaction, and frankly the quality of their service, are secondary.  Choose us, and you’ll be choosing a company that has a singular focus on providing great service, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with that service!


Don’t let a bad situation get worse – stop black mold!


Mold remediationEven in a reasonably dry environment like Boulder, mold is a very real threat and something you should be concerned with.  It’s one of the reasons choosing a certified water damage restoration company is so important.  We’re trained in every aspect of mold prevention and use various products and techniques throughout the water damage repair process to ensure it doesn’t occur at your property.

Once we’ve extracted all standing water, we then circle back on the affected areas and spray them thoroughly with an mildicide that inhibits the growth of mold spores temporarily.  It’s just enough of a deterrent to give us ample time to truly dry out the area, remove all excess moisture, and eliminate the right environment in which black mold thrives.


Mitigation vs. Reconstruction – Understand the Difference!


When we use the term water damage restoration, it’s usually as an umbrella term to describe to separate processes. There are generally two phases of the process of restoring a property effected by water or flooding damage.


Step 1 – Water Mitigation

water-damage-cleanupWhile not a term used commonly by consumers, we use it to describe the process of drying out the home. That is the first task, and it must be done quickly so that you don’t get mold as we’ve discussed above. In order to properly dry out structures, sometimes we need to remove certain surfaces. For instance, if you have insulated walls that are wet, we must cut out the drywall and remove the insulation before we can dry out the wall cavity. Similarly, if you get sewage water on your carpets, the carpets have to go! This process, on average, takes 3-4 days.


Step 2 – Reconstruction

In the event that during the water mitigation phase walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, or any other portions of your property had to be removed, a reconstruction company is called in to handle putting things back together. We call this the ‘rebuild’ phase and it can take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks or months depending on the extent of the damage.

contractor-customerOften times, 2 separate companies each phase and the reason for this is because they are specialized fields. A general contractor doesn’t really know the first thing about properly drying out a structure and a water damage mitigation company aren’t necessarily craftsmen. But in most cases, if a water damage company in Boulder is called in they have a reconstruction company they will refer you to that can work under the same claim so it’s not a hassle for you!


Many people don’t realize they’re more susceptible to water damage simply due to where they live.  Especially given the nature of Boulder’s topography, many properties are at greater risk of water losses.  Click here to see if your home or business sits in an area more susceptible to water damage.


Water Damage Restoration


Water damage restoration services aren’t as simple as getting out water and replacing a few pieces of drywall.  Proper water restoration service means ensuring your property is completely dried out and that there is no danger of future issues.  We provide certified service from trained & drug-free technicians!


Water Damage Repair


Repairing water damage requires professionally trained crews using advanced extraction & drying & dehumidification systems.  Our Boulder water damage repair company is available around the clock to ensure your property is properly dried out and fully restored and we always back the work we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Water Damage Cleanup


No matter what type of property you have, if it’s affordable water damage cleanup services you need, we’re the right call to make!  We offer residents and businesses free estimates and always stand behind any work we do, so you know by calling us every facet of the project will be handled professional and quickly!

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