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Boulder CO Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyWe know the importance of a rapid response to your water removal emergency because everyday we see the devastation flooding can cause if not dealt with quickly.  It’s why we offer 24/7 service throughout the Boulder & Longmont areas and free estimates for any water mitigation services you might need. Each of our friendly technician is licensed, insured & has undergone extensive training, ensuring your Boulder property will be dried out properly and that you won’t have to worry about black mold growing once we’ve left!  So call now for an immediate response to your flood loss!


Fast water extraction in Boulder is a call away!


24-7-emergency-serviceOur job is to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible.  You’ve got a life to live and you simply need your home dry.  Everything about our water removal services is designed to be efficient.  From our rapid response guarantee to our rapid dry equipment, we get the job done and get out of your hair!

If you need rapid water mitigation services, call us now!


We don’t charge a penny to provide you a quote!


photo_free_estimatesWhether it’s mitigating & drying or complete water damage repair services you need, we never charge to come out and inspect the loss to determine the appropriate course of action.  Our technician will perform a thorough assessment, discuss with you our restoration plan, and provide you with an upfront quote!

If you’d like us to provide a free quote, just call!

And best of all, our water mitigation estimates are always based on Xactimate, the exact same estimating software that most insurance adjusters use. What does that mean? We’re using the same prices as they are when estimating your loss. Watch this video to see what that means for you as a customer:


Do you want water removal service you can count on?


satisfaction-guaranteeYour satisfaction is always guaranteed!

It’s your home, and we understand how important it is to you.  We take the trust you place in us seriously, and we go the extra mile to make sure we meet your expectations.  And to prove it, we back each project with a 100% satisfaction guarantee upon the completion of service.  If you see something you want fixed, just ask!


1-yr-warrantyYou get a 1 year full warranty!

We do something unheard of by most water removal companies in Boulder…we not only guarantee your satisfaction at the time of service, but we also provide a 1 year full warranty for the labor done on any water cleaning job we do.  Should a problem occur due to our negligence, we come back and fix it for you!

Pick the wrong Boulder water damage company and you could end up receiving service from un-certified technicians. Sadly too many companies have no idea how to go about properly mitigating a water loss, and the results can be disastrous for the homeowner. To see what professional, certified water extraction services look like, watch the video below:


We make the insurance claim process simple!


bill-directMuch of our work is done through insurance, so if your flood damage cleanup is covered under your policy, then we can help!  Our insurance assistance can range from working with the adjuster to settle your claim and make sure you get a fast reimbursement to simply billing the insurance company for the work!

Want us to bill insurance?  Just give us a call!


When going through an insurance claim, please understand:


You need to take control to ensure you get the outcome you deserve.

If you are expecting your adjuster to do everything in their power to make sure you’re made whole and that the work is done quickly and effectively, you’re in for a big disappointment. Adjusters work for a business, and that business exists to generate profits. One way they do that is to limit claim amounts as much as possible. In other words, they will do everything in their power to make the claim amount as small as possible. What might they try?


contractor-customer() They may try and get you to use a certain water damage companies in their ‘preferred vendor list’. How do you get on that list? You promise to charge a lot less than what the claim amount should be given the work required. So how do you charge less but still complete the project? You cut corners or even skip important steps to reduce your expenses. It happens every single day and only homeowners suffer. The insurer can say they paid out the claim and it’s settled (nevermind if you end up getting black mold, your wood floors start cupping, or other issues arise) and the restoration company already had you sign something they’ve completed their work and you’re happy.


() they may assess the loss independently and offer you a check worth a fraction of the actual cost it will take to mitigate your loss. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen? You hire a reputable water cleanup company in Boulder (hint: that’s us!) that understands how the insurance companies operate and has the experience and skills to make sure the work gets done correctly and that they pay the fair amount for that work!


Make sure everything gets dried out before you get mold!


black mold damageEven though we live in a fairly arid climate, black mold can be a ferocious enemy. What most homeowners don’t realize is when their home is perfectly “normal”, it contains a small amount of mold spores. But when water damage occurs, the excess moisture gives mold the chance it needs to thrive. Just how long are we talking about before the problems begin? Usually about 48 hours. That’s why we always stress to people the importance of immediately hiring a professional water mitigation company. It’s not a high pressure sales tactic, it’s a necessity.


Water Removal


Our water removal company is fully insured, certified & licensed to perform work. We go above and beyond to help you navigate a traumatic experience like a flood. You can expect the highest level of service possible from our water removal service!



Water Extraction


In need of a professional water extraction company?  We specialize in extracting standing water from any type of building and always offer free estimates for your water extraction needs, so don’t hesitate to call us for an immediate response.



Water Cleanup


In need of Boulder water cleanup services that are fast, affordable & that you can trust? Then please give us a call!  We specialize in serving residential and commercial customers that need rapid water clean-up services and we always offer you a free & upfront estimate!

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