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When it comes to basement floods, we’ve seen it all! A frozen pipe busts sending water gushing throughout the basement. A kid leaves the sink on upstairs causing water to drip through the floors and walls and into the basement. Or a washing machine decides not to shut off flooding water throughout a finished basement wrecking everything in its path. No matter what type of flooded basement emergency you’re dealing with, with one call we can solve it all!


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Extracting Basement Water 101


If you’ve never been through the process of dealing with a flooded basement, here’s a quick guide to help you understand what to expect…

Basement flood damage assessment & mitigation plan.  It starts by understanding the extend of the damage and putting together a plan of action.  We fully assess the basement flood damage and provide a restoration plan outlining what steps we will take to extract any water from your basement, dry out the structure, and repair any damages.


Free, written estimate driven by insurance-approved pricing software.  Included in the restoration plan we provide is a total cost for the work we will perform restoring your basement.  We don’t eyeball jobs (and you) to see what we can get away with charging…we simply enter the damage assessment into our system (which is used by all major insurance providers) and it tells us what to charge.


Content Removal & Water Extraction.  Assuming you would like to move forward and choose us for your basement flood cleanup needs, we would immediately begin the process by removing water damaged items and extracting basement water.  Using advanced water extraction systems, we remove almost any moisture from the basement within a couple of ours giving us a huge head start on the next task: drying out the structure.


Moisture Detection & Drying.  One key aspect to proper basement flood cleanup services is ID’ing where the moisture is so that you can focus the proper amount of attention on drying those areas.  We use equipment that can non-intrusively spot moisture in floors, walls or ceilings that is undetectable by the human eye and then place powerful drying equipment where necessary to ensure rapid drying of your basement.


How does the cost estimating process work?


Because basement water cleanup services are performed by water mitigation companies, most of our work is billed through insurance. And insurers already have established prices they will pay for any work we need to do.  So to estimate the loss, we do the same thing any other reputable water damage company does, and that is use Xactimate to catalogue the loss. Here is how that process works:


Why should I use a licensed, insured & certified water damage restoration company to handle my basement flood cleaning?


Before you take on your basement flood yourself, here’s some things to keep in mind about the nature of flood damage and the impact it can have on you and your family.

1.  Detecting Moisture is a Science.  Most people that attempt to clean up their flooded basement do so because they think it’s as easy as ‘Spot water, remove water’.  But it’s not the water that is easily seen that is the biggest problem.  You can probably rent some equipment to extract that water.  The biggest issue is the basement water you can’t see, as shown in the image below.

We use equipment that can identify moisture in walls, floors and ceilings that otherwise would go undetected and lead to future problems.

2. Not properly drying out your basement can lead to mold. Sadly we see this all the time.  The homeowner, in an effort to save some money, rents some equipment and attempts to restore their basement on their own only to notice a mildew smell and see dark spots on their wall.  At that point, it’s gone from a minor inconvenience to a full-blown environmental safety issue resulting in a potentially toxic environment for your family…not to mention a more costly remediation process.  We are trained in mold prevention techniques so you know that once we’re gone you’re not going to be seeing mold later.


We provide rapid basement flood cleanup services throughout the Denver/Boulder area and would be happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate.  Please call us now for a fast response (usually on-site within 60 minutes) and a free on-site basement flood damage assessment and estimate!



We guarantee a mold-safe basement when we’re done!


The worst possible thing that could happen is you go through the process of hiring a basement flood cleanup company and the hassles that go along with an insurance claim, think you’ve put the event behind you only to discover mold growth weeks or months later.  Sadly, it happens more often than you can imagine.

mold-free-guaranteeBut not with us.  We guarantee you’ll have a mold-free basement once we’ve completed our work, and we encourage all customers to hire an independent environmental hygienist to test the area to confirm that mold levels are below norms (that might sound strange, but just be aware that mold is naturally present in any property at very low, safe levels).  So when we say “mold-free”, we mean free of harmful, elevated mold levels!


The 5 steps to cleaning up water damage in your basement…


Most of the time, we are working with a client that has never experienced a water loss and doesn’t know exactly what we do to fix the problem.  So we actually have a video that highlights the 5 steps generally taken to cleanup basement water damage, which we hope you’ll watch below:


Ways to Protect Against Basement Flooding


When you need our basement flooding service, it’s too late for the advice below. But even so, you can do yourself a huge favor by implementing these tasks to make sure your basement never floods again.


Keep water away from your foundation


water-against-foundationWell ‘DUH’ you say! But you’d never believe how many flooded basement projects we roll up to in which that was the obvious cause of the flood. It happens all the time. That’s unfortunate because it’s really not very difficult or expensive (in most cases) to keep water away from your foundation. Here’s a few quick things you can do:

() make sure your gutters work well (included in this is making sure you have properly connect downspouts that deposit water at least 5 feet from your foundation)

() slope the grade of your lawn towards the street. If it’s impossible to make your lawn slope away from your house, you may need to install french drains to take the water and deposit it at the street level where it can safely find its way into your city storm drains.


Seal any basement wall cracks


If you have an unfinished basement, or your basement walls don’t have drywall, you’ll be able to see any cracks in your basement wall. While water can permeate any concrete wall (whether there are cracks or not), it’s much more likely to leak if there are noticeable cracks.


Install a generator to power your sump pump


sump-pump-generatorAnother common cause of basement floods we see is where the homeowner has a sump pump but it didn’t work when the rains started pouring. Why? While sometimes they just fail due to improper maintenance, mostly they fail because during heavy storms the power goes out and the battery backups eventually run out of juice. When that happens, your last line of defense is rendered obsolete. If you’ve gone to the trouble of having a sump pump installed, go ahead and take one final action: buy a generator to supply power in the case of a power loss!


Will my insurance cover my flooded basement?


insurance-claim-basement-floodingThis is a question we get a lot, for obvious reasons. While some basement water damage is relatively minor and not that expensive to fix, other losses can be catastrophic and very expensive to repair. So will your loss be covered? The short answer is it depends on the type of coverage you have and where they water came from. In general terms, outside water sources are not covered by a traditional homeowners insurance policy. That would require an additional flood insurance policy to be covered, something that is not typical for homes that aren’t in flood plains. But if the water source came from within the home, it’s most often covered.

Why do we say ‘most often’ and not ‘always’? Because there are always exceptions, and in the case of flooded basements, the biggest exception is if the damage was caused by an appliance that had fallen into a state of disrepair. The most notable example is a water heater that is 20 years old that leaked. Your adjuster is going to come to your home, see the corroded and rusted water heater and immediately deny your claim, reasoning that you should have replaced the water heater years ago and it’s not their fault you chose not to.


If it’s the case you fear you have a sewage backup in your basement due to an issue at the street level, make sure you contact Denver wastewater management department to report the issue!

A rapid response to your Denver flooded basement is just a phone call away.  Our water damage restoration in Denver crews are able to respond to your water loss immediately, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial property.  We know how stressful a basement flood in Denver CO can be…whether it occurred from a leaky pipe or malfunctioning bathroom appliance, or just from a huge Denver storm, standing water is scary.


That’s why we aim to provide you with peace of mind.  Not just that your Denver basement flood will be responded to quickly, but that the water extraction in Denver services you receive will be done to the highest industry standards.  Each of our Denver water damage restoration crews will stnad behind their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.  And if you’ve got a Denver basement flood and need help navigating the claims process with your Denver CO homeowners insurance company, we can handle that as well!  So call one of our Denver basement flood experts today for an immediate emergency response and water extraction services you can depend on.

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