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Fire-damageWe handle any and all fire mitigation needs for residential and commercial properties throughout Denver and the Front Range.  Regardless of size and extent of damage, a fire loss always presents the possibility of structural damage to the property that if not dealt with properly could put you in danger.  So call us now for fast, reliable & cost-effective fire damage restoration services you can trust!

Call now for 24/7 fire restoration service!


What to expect from professional fire damage cleanup service…


The first step is the assessment & estimate process


First thing is first…let’s figure out exactly what’s going with your property.  Every job we do is unique and presents different challenges.  So we need to see firsthand the fire or soot damage present so that we can know exactly what needs to be done to restore things properly.

Free_EstimatesOur technician and/or project lead will be able to take measurements and fully inspect the loss.  He’ll also explain exactly what he’s seeing, make sure that each and every one of your questions get answered, and that you get a crystal clear picture of what the entire process will look like.

We’ll be able to provide you with an upfront estimate at no cost!


Next we can contain & mitigate the loss


The quicker we can begin work, the less damage and the sooner we can have you back in your home.  Delaying the fire restoration process is never something you want to do.  When our crew arrives, we can begin work immediately if you would like.

CertificateIconOur crews are fully certified.  That’s important because it means they’ve gone through extensive training and have passed all of the required certification programs.  You’d probably be surprised to know that there are plenty of restoration companies in Denver that do not spend the time and resources to actually train & certify their techs…yikes!


We get the claim settled & bill insurance


bill-directIn most cases fire and soot cleanup services are paid for by homeowners insurance companies.  Is your loss covered?  If so, we can help!  Our staff includes specialists that handle all aspects of the insurance claims process.  You do not have to go through that process alone…let us help you!

We even offer insurance direct billing!

How’s that for service?  Instead of forcing you to scrounge up the money to pay upfront for our fire repair services, we can send the bill to the insurance company.


Your property gets a clean bill of health


satisfaction-guaranteeOur job is always to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.  What does that mean?  It means making sure you can’t even tell the fire ever happened.  We can fully restore your property to its original state and as a promise to you, we always guarantee your complete satisfaction on any fire & smoke removal work we do.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work!


We have the right equipment for the job!


fire-restoration-equipHaving the right fire damage repair systems is crucial.  And like other industries, we’re seeing a rapid advancement in the technologies that make our work better and faster.  So we’re committed to making sure we spend the appropriate resources to equip our technicians with the most advanced fire restoration systems available on the market.

We can only do so much by hand.  So much of our work relies on reliable equipment.  So when choosing us, we promise you’re choosing a Denver fire damage company that makes sure only the best equipment is used on every job!

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