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Chances are if you’ve ended up here you’re dealing with a flood emergency and have a lot more questions than answers? Should I call my insurance company first? Can I begin the process even though the area has some electrical chords and outlets? Should I try tackling the water damage myself? How do I know the company I’m choosing is certified, insured & licensed? We understand what you’re going through and hope you’ll call us so that we can answer all of your questions and handle the entire flood damage repair process for you!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Denver area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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An Immediate Response.  Flood damage increases the longer is sits in your home.  As the water permeates more structure it causes more damage and complicates the flood cleaning process.  Don’t wait around for a restoration company that might not show.  Call us and we’ll be there within 60 minutes!


A Free Quote.  Whether you’re filing a claim with your insurance company or paying out of pocket, the process (and pricing) is the same.  We provide a full quote in writing that details the damage and what we’ll do to fix it.  Our prices are determined by the same pricing guides used by all major insurance companies so you know we’ve quoted a fair price!


Certified Flood Repair Services.  Why trust your home to contractors that are not actually certified to deem your home safe to inhabit once again?  Only a certified flood damage restoration company can perform the proper mitigation techniques and has mastered the advanced equipment required to dry your property.  Our techs are fully certified to perform all work required!


Don’t worry – our estimate is generated using Xactimate!


That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but once you understand what Xactimate is and how it helps determine the cost of flood mitigation services based on insurance rates, it will hopefully bring you comfort. Please watch this video to learn more:


The Dangers of Hidden Moisture!


With any flood damage event, the greatest challenge is making sure that all moisture and water is removed from the property and its contents and that everything is properly dried.  Most people don’t realize how challenging the structural drying process can be without the right equipment and a trained eye.

For example, take a look at the image below.  What you’re seeing on the left is the wall as you would see it with your own eyes.  On the right is an image using infrared moisture detection equipment that can view inside the wall without having to tear out the drywall or pierce the wall in anyway.

It doesn’t take a trained restoration technician to realize what appears to be a dry wall has actually experienced significant flood damage and is in danger of causing considerable problems if not dealt with quickly.  Only a certified flood cleanup company has the tools that are necessary to fully diagnose the extent of damage in your home as well as the equipment required to mitigate that damage!


What happens if the flood damaged areas aren’t mitigated properly?


While Denver isn’t as humid as some other places throughout the country, it doesn’t stop mold from growing in our homes.  In fact, black mold can begin growing overnight if it finds the right environment to take root in.  And black mold isn’t simply an unsightly problem that causes a bad smell…it’s a health hazard that can cause respiratory illness, vision problems, skin infections, immune issues and a host of other problems.  Not only that, but the costs of mold remediation can be extensive and it is not typically something covered under your insurance policy.  So taking shortcuts when doing flood cleanup can ultimately lead to health problems and cause your bank account to take a huge hit!


See what proper flood restoration services look like!


Whether it’s a residence or you are in need of commercial water damage services, the procedures put in place are pretty standard. That isn’t to say we won’t run into unique circumstances or have to adjust our strategy based on our progress, or lack there of, but at least the video below can help you see what emergency flood services entail:


Can’t I cleanup flooding damage by myself?



diy-flood-damage-cleanupIt’s a question that many homeowners ask themselves, and it’s one we feel compelled to address if you’re in that boat. It is our professional opinion that the likelihood of you successfully mitigating flood damage is near 0%, if you’re defining success as ‘disinfecting, drying and reconstructing the home such that it will remain mold-free and safe from decontaminates’.  As we’ve already discussed above, finding the moisture intrusion areas is almost impossible without the right equipment and training. And that’s just the first step in fixing flood damage. Never mind the ability to properly dry out every surface and sub-surface that has gotten wet quickly enough that mold doesn’t form. These are tasks that truly do require years of training and experience, as well as costly machinery the average home owner doesn’t have access to.

We’ve been called to so many jobs where the homeowner tried in vain to cleanup flooding damage only to realize they made things worse. It kills us to tell them that they now have mold in their home and that their insurer isn’t going to pay for the costs to remove it. It happens a lot. Don’t let this happen to you! It could be a very, very costly mistake!


Why is IICRC certification so important?


Certified flood restoration servicesIn the state of Colorado, there is no licensing requirement to become a water damage company. Literally anyone can advertise themselves as a mitigation company and show up to your house to perform service. And in our industry, because many losses are paid out by insurers, there are a lot of shady contractors out there chasing flood losses. They have no business even being in your home and around your family members and household possessions, much less providing such a crucial and complex service. So absent any sort of state mandated training, how can you be sure the Denver flood restoration company you are hiring knows that they are doing? Make sure their technicians carry current certifications from the IICRC. At a minimum, you want them to be certified in their WRT (water damage restoration technician) course, and ideally also have an ASD (applied structural drying technician) certification.

As is so often the case within our community, tragedies like floods bring out the best in people. If you are the victim of flooding, there are resources available to help you recover. You might also check out the CO Recovery Partners web page as they have a huge database of information and other useful resources!

Residential and commercial Denver flood damage is our specialty.  Our Denver CO flood damage restoration experts are available around the clock to help deal with your emergency.  Whether your home’s basement is flooded or you own a Denver commercial property that has standing water from a recent storm, we’re here to help!

From the first call, you’ll see that our Denver water damage restoration specialists are professionals.  We show up to your Denver property quickly and can walk you through the flood damage and assess the cost to get Denver water extraction complete as well any restoration services that might be required.  Each Denver sewage-backup and restoration crew uses the best equipment, latest techniques & is fully insured for your protection.  No matter how or small the Denver CO flood damage is, we’ll happily provide you with a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed on your Denver property.  So call us today for an immediate response throughout the Denver CO area!

Not sure if your home or business is located in an area prone to flooding? Click here to view’s floodplain map.

The Denver Post created a comprehensive flood resource, including a map of 2013 rain fall, shelter information, etc. which you can find here.

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