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If you’ve got standing water in your basement or main level we offer professional water extraction and cleanup services 24/7. That means all it takes is 1 call and we can take it from there. Our certified technicians are background-screened and drug-tested and each is rigorously trained and uses the best water removal equipment available. It’s just some of the reasons we hope you’ll choose us for any emergency water extraction services you might need!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Denver area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Considering doing the water cleanup process yourself?  Think again…

A quick web search will provide a wealth of articles detailing DIY water removal advice.  Unfortunately these articles give homeowners unfounded confidence they can effectively handle the problem themselves.  What often happens is they “complete” the water extraction process and then discover weeks later problems begin to surface.  Warped walls, mold growth, buckling floors and a mildewy smell are all common.  And by the time we’re called in, a bad situation has become worse!

The problem is actually getting out all of the moisture and properly drying out and treating the affected areas.  Most people mistakenly assume that you just need to get out the standing water and then let the property dry out.  Unfortunately it’s not that simple, as you can see below:

Most water damage can’t be seen without specialized equipment.  If you simply look at the wall visually it looks like it’s in good shape, however infrared imaging reveals this wall has undergone significant saturation and will need to be properly dried out.  If you took on the water removal yourself, chances are you skip over this danger area only to discover the mistake later.

To understand more clearly how emergency water mitigation services work, please watch the video below:


Our trucks are fully stocked with everything necessary to remove water from your home or office and ensure it’s dry!

() Powerful wet vacs (portable & truck-mounted)

() Weighted extraction tools for wet carpet

() High-powered air movers for surface & sub-surface drying

() Injectidry hard wood floor extraction & drying systems

() Infrared moisture detection equipment & moisture meters

() Dehumidification systems & moisture exhaust equipment


Why choose us for your water removal needs?


Always free estimates for any water extraction service.  Understanding the process of water removal and structural drying is important for any homeowner.  We walk you through the damage, explain the how we remove water and dry out your property, and provide a cost estimate so you know the amount before any work is done!

And best yet, we calculate the cost using Xactimate! The industry’s leading software that handles any type of insurance repair claims, Xactimate is used by not only us but by adjusters. The result? Everyone is on the same page when it comes to the cost of water mitigation services!


A rapid response when you need it most.  The most important thing about water removal is that it begins as soon as possible.  That means you need a restoration company that can be there quickly and begin the process immediately.  We answer calls 24/7 and can be at your property within the hour to extract water and dry out your home!


Insurance direct billing & claims assistance.  If you intend on filing a claim for your water loss we can communicate with your insurance adjuster and make sure your claim is settled quickly and without any delay or issues.  We work with all major insurance companies and our prices are driven by the same software they use so there is never an issue with getting reimbursed if you pay initially out of pocket!


Certified Denver water cleanup services matter!


Certified flood restoration servicesWhen it comes time to hire a water extraction company, how can you be sure they can do the job correctly? It’s a question you should ask yourself, and one that gets complicated when you realize anyone can become a water mitigation company, without any licensing requirements by the state (like you’d find for a plumber or electrician). If you find yourself asking ‘So literally anyone can show up at my house and perform this vital service?’ then you’re blessed with a healthy amount of fear. And while we hate to scare people, especially since you’re already in a state of panic with standing water in your home, you should be worried about who you hire. In our industry, that’s just too many bad people and unqualified companies out there.

One thing you can count on should you call upon RestorationEze to provide emergency water cleanup services is that all of the technicians entrusted to work on your home will carry the proper certifications from the IICRC. Without any state training or certifications, the IICRC is the de-facto organization that provides training and certifications within our industry. And even if you don’t hire us, please consider ensuring whoever you hire is properly certified by the IICRC to do the work!


How is the insurance portion of this handled?


Many people are alarmed, or at least apprehensive, about the insurance claim process. And frankly speaking, they have every right to be concerned. Insurers are notorious for ripping off their lifelong customers when their help is most needed. Some are better than others, but all are looking to protect their bottom line. So how do you protect yourself, all the while making sure your insurance company stands by you in your time of need. The answer is simple:

insurance-claim-basement-floodingHire the right water removal company immediately!

We say immediately because the fact is you do not have to open up a claim or wait for your insurer to authorize anything in order to begin the heavy lifting of getting your home dry. In fact, waiting ensures that more water damage occurs and that the costs go up. Hire a water extraction service that has experience working with adjusters. At RestorationEze, we specialize in handling insurance claim losses and can easily work with your adjuster to handle payment for your claim. We defer to them regarding the costs, and even use the same estimating system as they do to price out the claim. In short, we represent you in ensuring your insurance company performs their fiduciary responsibilities as it pertains to your policy and claim!


We proudly provide the entire Denver/Boulder metro area with rapid water cleanup and restoration services!


Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, Glendale, Centennial, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Commerce City, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Highlands Ranch, Broomfield, Northglenn

Finding reliable Denver water extraction services can be difficult.  Imagine calling around to a lot of Denver companies and not getting someone to answer.  Or imagine you’re waiting at your Denver CO home or office for a water damage restoration company that never shows.  Unfortunately, these things happen everyday in Denver CO.  But not with us!  If you need emergency water extraction and dry-out services, you’ve come to the right place!

In the case of a more widespread natural disaster or emergency situation, you might want to review the Mitigation & Recovery web page of the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management division of Colorado.

Whether you have a basement flood or some other water event requiring Denver flood damage services, you can be assured that our water damage restoration professionals have the ability to get your property restored fast!  Each our technicians is fully qualified to perform water extraction & dry out services, and each stands behind their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re no happy, neither are we!

So if you have a residential or commercial property, please call us now and speak to one of our Denver water extraction specialists.  Should you wish, we can get a crew to your home of office within minutes to provide a free consultation & estimate and begin extracting any water and drying our your property immediately!

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