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Fort Myers FL Sewage Cleanup

Sewage back-ups require immediate attention from a trained sewage cleaning company, whether it’s a small spill affecting a bathroom or a large loss that has soaked carpets and crept up your walls. With over 120 dangerous pathogens found in raw sewage, it presents a very real health risk to you and a challenge to even the most highly trained sewage removal companies. Luckily, we offer affordable sewer back-up removal services that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we always offer you a free, upfront, no obligation estimate!


Here’s what you can count on when choosing our Ft Myers sewage cleanup company:


Immediate help when it’s needed most!

Sewer back-up losses are classified as black water losses, the most dangerous loss category.  And there’s a reason!  If you’re exposed to the contaminants you can get sick, and there are even cases where death has occurred.  It’s why it is so important that we get there fast to begin the sewage damage cleanup process!


Fair rates, free estimates, and straightforward pricing!

Did you know costs for sewage back-up cleaning services are determined by your homeowners’ insurance?  By that we mean that any reputable sewage extraction company uses the same insurance-approved estimating software to determine what to charge.  We’ll present you with a fair price, upfront at no obligation to you!


Call RestorationEze and always get a fair price!

If you’re concerned about getting ripped off when it comes to the cost of sewage cleanup services, you can throw that concern out the window when you call us.  We use Xactimate to price our services, guaranteeing the cost is fair and in line with reimbursement rates insurers cover.  Here’s how it works:

Satisfaction guaranteed & full 1 Yr warranty on work!

We’re serious when we say your satisfaction is our number one goal.  We know how to cleanup sewage back-ups, but we also know how to treat you (and your home) with respect & always remember that you’re the customer!  So we guarantee you are satisfied with our work & offer a 1 year warranty on our services!


Learn more about sewage backup cleanup!


What are the risks?  What can be salvaged?  How does a professional restoration company in Ft Myers get my home clean and dry?  We realize at this point you have a lot more questions than answers.  And one of our most important jobs is making sure you get the answers you need so that you can feel comfortable in the process itself as well as the sewage damage cleanup company you are hiring.  In the video below, we help give you some sense for the risks associated with sewage backups and the process we follow to fix the mess.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Myers area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Why is professional sewage extraction service so important?


When it comes to something that poses so many risks to those exposed to it, calling a professional is necessary for safety reasons.  Sewage cleanup in Ft Myers is something certified restoration companies deal with daily, and is something we’re well prepared for!

Our first job is to contain the raw sewage and stop any pathogens from spreading to other areas of the home.  In fact, protocol dictates that you shouldn’t even be in the property at all while we work to contain the area and extract the mess.  We employ plastic sheeting around the affected area and create an air-tight seal so that we can stop the flow of pathogens throughout the house!

Protocol also necessitates that each of our technicians is dressed head to toe in personal protection gear so that no part of their body is exposed to the sewage.  This includes respirators to ensure that they don’t breathe in the air!


We can bill your insurance company directly for our sewage damage cleanup services!


Like any other service, our costs are determined by the amount of work that is necessary to restore your property.  We do small jobs that folks choose not to claim on insurance and we also do large jobs that are handled by the insurance company.

If it’s the case that your loss is covered and you want to have your insurer handle it, we’re an insurance-approved sewage cleaning company in Ft. Myers!  What does that mean?  A couple of things: we can either help you settle your reimbursement claim if you’re paying out of pocket initially, or we can just bill your insurer directly for our services!


Sewage back-ups in Fort Myers FL require an immediate response.  The longer raw sewage sits in your flooded basement, or anywhere in your property for that matter, the more damage is done.  We understand the urgency necessary and our Ft Myers flood damage crews have the resources to handle your sewer back-up emergency quickly and properly so that we can get what is a toxic (and dangerous) situation cleaned up and let you get back to normal!

Not all restoration companies are the same…it’s important to use a certified Fort Myers water damage restoration company that specializes in sewage back-up cleaning services.  That’s us: we have the resources, experience & trained staff to properly mitigate your sewage damage!  Our promise to you is simple: our water extraction service in Fort Myers will offer the highest level of professional service and make the Fort Myers sewage back-up cleanup process as painfree as possible.  So call us today for a rapid response and free estimate!

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