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Fort Myers FL Water Damage Restoration

Whether you need water mitigation & dryout service or complete reconstruction service after a devastating flood event, we can help. We’ve been providing certified water damage cleanup & repair service throughout the Ft Myers area for decades and can help get your property back to normal fast! We specialize in offering a rapid response and would be happy to come to your water damaged home and provide a free on-site estimate!


We offer emergency service for water damage in Fort Myers!


Whether it’s class 1 loss with some soaked carpets or a class 4 loss and your entire home is sitting in contaminated water, it’s important that any excess moisture is removed immediately and that we start the dry out process as quickly as we can!

Call now if you need an immediate response!


We give you a free estimate and onsite assessment!


Unlike some services that bill by the hour, cleaning up water damage is priced according to the amount of damage and what will need to be done to mitigate the loss.  The only way we can provide you with a clear estimate is to see the damage ourselves!

So we offer free on-site cost estimates for any water damage restoration service you might need!


Our rates are calculated by the same claims software used by your insurer!


Because the majority of water losses are covered by and reimbursable through insurance, our rates are primarily determine by what insurance companies will reimburse.  In order to standardize that, any reputable water damage company in Fort Myers will use the same estimation software.  What that means for you is:

() there won’t be much of any variation between estimates by different companies

() there won’t be an issue when filing your claim

Watch this quick video to learn more about the water damage estimating process:


In most case we can mitigate your loss without needing to tear out walls and floors!


Unless you’ve experienced a black water classified loss like a sewage back-up that’s soaked your carpets or flooding from a hurricane, we can usually salvage your items and get things dried out and restored to their original glory.  Granted, if you’ve had standing water for some time it makes the job that much more difficult, but we do have a pretty good success rate with drying things out.

When we get to your home or office to get started, we can usually have standing water out within an hour of being there, at which point we can get down to the business of drying things out.  No matter what type of surface we’re dealing with, we’ve got special equipment designed to dry out any moisture trapped on or below the surface!

While every job is unique, the basic tenets of professional water restoration services are the same: our job is to get out the moisture that has infiltrated your property before it does damage to the support structure of your property and/or causes black mold growth. In the video tutorial below, we walk you through the most basic steps a water damage company will take to get your property dry!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Myers area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We guarantee you’ll be satisfied and even offer a 1 year warranty!


It seems there’s too many water restoration companies these days that are just in the business to get insurance money and don’t give much thought at all about their actual customer.  It’s unfortunate because you’re in a situation where your home, your most treasured dwelling, has been ravaged by water, and the company hired to fix it isn’t too concerned with you.

Call us and you’ll be choosing a water damage company that realizes you’re the customer and that will treat your home like it’s our own.  We’ll respect you, your property, answer your questions, and go out of our way to explain what we’re doing, why, and make sure you’re comfortable!

We’ll even guarantee you are satisfied and provide you with the comfort of knowing all of the work we perform is backed by a full warranty for an entire year!  If anything should happen due to a mistake on our end, just call us up and we’ll make sure to get it fixed at no cost to you!  It’s just another way we go the extra mile to make sure our customer’s know we understand what’s most important: you!


If you’re in need of Ft Myers water damage restoration services, you’re probably stressed out and unsure of what to do.  Your water damaged property is probably not something you’ve dealt with before, but it’s all we do.  Our Ft Myers water damage restoration professionals are fully licensed & certified to get your basement flood or damaged property back to normal fast.  We utilize the latest techniques, each of our technicians is fully trained, certified, and insured and we use the best equipment on the market.

We understand how traumatic having water damage can be.  Whether it is sewage back-up from a busted pipe or overflowing sink, or a flooded basement from a water heater that is leaking, we’ve seen it all and can handle the job.  Our water damage company will come to your residential or commercial property (usually within 30 minutes) and we can begin assessing the damage and provide a free, no obligation estimate for any Fort Myers water damage restoration services you might need.

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