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Fort Myers FL Water Extraction Services

Nobody knows how to mitigate water losses better than us! We have over 2 decades experience helping Ft Myers customers get their homes dried out and restored quickly and effectively! As a certified water cleanup company, we don’t take short cuts and always use strict protocols to make sure things are done right! So feel free to call us anytime if you would like a technician to come to your flooded home or business and provide a free, no obligation estimate!


We offer emergency response water cleanup in Fort Myers!


Water losses, whether from storms bringing in sea water or sinks overflowing, aren’t anything to take lightly.  Just a little water and a short amount of time and you could be dealing with a major reconstruction project.  But if we can get there quickly we can usually mitigate your loss in a couple of days!

So call now for an immediate water mitigation response!


Not sure what it will cost?  Call for a quote at no cost to you!


We offer affordable rates to cleanup water and dry your property.  In fact, our rates are determined by the same claims estimating software used by your insurer.  So when we come to your home to perform an assessment and provide our estimate, you know it’s fair!

Call anytime if you’d like to schedule an on-site estimate for free!


Rest easy knowing our water mitigation estimate is a price you can trust, too!  When you choose a RestorationEze water cleanup contractor, the cost estimate is calculated using Xactimate.  Here’s how it works:


Our technicians are certified water extraction & structural drying specialists!


Some Ft Myers water removal companies send out employees that don’t have the foggiest notion of what it takes to properly mitigate your water loss.  They end up getting out some moisture and often times cause secondary water damage because they don’t know the equipment they’re using.

Unlike those companies, our technicians know what they’re doing and are fully trained in the proper techniques.  We continually train each field technician in the latest processes as well as the latest equipment.  It’s just one more way we do everything within our power to make sure we’re the #1 water removal company in Fort Myers!


We can extract 97% of all moisture within a couple of hours on-site!


Is the water soaked into your carpet?  Or is it standing on your tile floors or worse yet soaking your wood floors?  Or has it run down your walls from a second story bathroom?  No matter where the water has found refuge, we can get most of it out fast.  That’s because we have patented equipment designed specifically to extract water from a variety of surfaces.

From porous surfaces like carpets & drywall to hard surfaces like concrete and engineered floors, we make sure to use the best equipment to get the water extracted quickly so we can begin the drying process quicker!


We make sure your entire structure is dry so you don’t find black mold later!


Containing standing water and getting out of your home is the easy part.  Chances are, with a little effort and some equipment, you could get a lot of the water out yourself.  But that’s just the first part of the process.  It’s finding the rest of the moisture and properly removing it from your home that presents the greatest challenges.

We use sophisticated moisture probes and sensors to find hidden water in your floors, sub-floors, walls and carpets.  While things might “feel” dry to the touch, water can be lurking behind causing damage and creating the perfect home for mold.  So we constantly monitor the moisture content of affected areas so that we can tailor our drying systems to quickly evaporate the water and get it out of your property!


Water extraction & dryout video – how it works! 


Most jobs follow the same guidelines in terms of what needs to be done and in what order.  The goal is to get out all excess moistures and prevent mold growth.  That said, you’re probably not sure what that looks like, so we’ve created the video below explaining what emergency water cleanup services entail.


Hopefully that gives you some idea of what the process looks like, but you probably have a ton more questions.  Feel free to give us a call and you will be connected with the closest on-call water extraction contractor in your area who can answer your questions and schedule a free onsite cost estimate!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Myers area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Flooded in Fort Myers FL?  Don’t worry, we can help!  Our flood extraction & restoration professionals are fully trained, licensed & insured to provide your residential or commercial property with the highest level of water extraction services.  If you have a basement flood in your home or commercial warehouse is in standing water, our Fort Myers flood damage crews can get your property dried out quickly!    Using a certified water damage specialist for your property is extremely important.  Only a certified Ft Myers water cleanup company has the training and equipment to ensure your home or office gets complete dry and is protected against any future mold growth.  But just as important is acting quickly.  The longer your property holds water, the greater the amount of damage and the more work that most be done to restore your property.  That also means greater costs!

So if you’re in need of a water extraction service you can depend on, please call us now.  Our Fort Myers representative is always available, 24/7, and we can have a Ft. Myers water removal crew there within minutes to provide a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed!  So whether you need a crew to extract water from a sewage back-up or you’ve got standing water from a basement flood, we are here to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible!

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