Gainesville FL Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyFlooding damage can happen for any number of reasons, and while rare, when it happens it can be devastating. Fortunately, our flood restoration company can help when disaster has happened by providing fast, affordable, insurance-approved flood damage cleanup services. We always respond when you call, provide no obligation free estimates, and guarantee your complete satisfaction. So if you need a restoration company in Gainesville you can trust, just give us a call and consider it done!


Emergency flood damage cleaning services!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe cleanup fast because we can’t afford not to…your home continues to suffer damage every minute excess water & moisture remain in it.  It’s why we stress moving rapidly and with force to get the water out and begin the drying process.  It stops further damage and prevents black mold from growing!

Don’t wait around – just call & we’re on our way!


Let us provide a no obligation, free estimate today!


photo_free_estimatesWe can’t provide over the phone estimates due to the many variables that go into determining the cost of cleaning up flood damage.  But, we can provide you with a firm quote once we’ve personally inspected the loss and have a complete rundown of what will be necessary to get your property restored.

Call us for a free flooding repair estimate!


Know how pricing in the flood restoration space works!


If you’ve ever had a few roofers come out to give you a quote, you know they can give much different prices. That’s true for pretty much any service industry. But in the water damage restoration space, it’s much different. Insurers actually get to decide what we can charge for a loss. So in response, we all use the same estimating software to quote our losses. See what that means for you when you call us to provide a flood damage estimate!


What makes us the right choice?


Trained & certified field technicians!


CertificateIconWhen it’s your home that is flood damaged, it’s no time for a technician to “learn on the job” or wing it.  But sadly, there’s plenty of flood cleaning companies in Gainesville that employ technicians that simply don’t know what they’re doing and the end result can mean your home and family are in jeopardy!

Always trained & certified flood mitigation crews!


Drug-free & background screened employees!


checklistOur job is not just to cleanup flooding damage, it’s to make sure you’re safe.  And part of that responsibility lies in hiring good people.  That’s why every technician that we hire has undergone extensive criminal background checks and submits to random drug-testing throughout their employment!

What makes us great is the people we hire!


We are insurance flood repair specialists!


bill-directWhat does that mean for you?  A few things: one, you can rest easy knowing that our rates are fair and won’t result in any push-back from your insurer.  Two, we can send the bill for our work directly to them.  Third, if you are paying out of pocket, we can provide full assistance with your claim!

We can send our bill to the insurance company!


We’re mold prevention specialists!


cautionIf the flooding restoration process isn’t done quickly enough or if certain steps are skipped, you could be faced with black mold.  We have field certified mold technicians on staff and perform all of our flood damage cleaning services in a way that inhibits mold growth & makes sure you’re not facing it later!

Don’t end up with mold – call us fast!


How home floods get cleaned up…


Most of our customers haven’t needed flood restoration services before. With that comes a lot of differing opinions on what a company like ours actually does. Well, the truth is many of the steps necessary to get a flooded home cleaned up, disinfected and dry is the same regardless of the situation. Granted, the pieces of equipment used may differ depending on what we come up against, and certain additional steps may be necessary if the flood damage occurred weeks or months ago. But here’s a quick video that explains the process we usually need to take to get your home safe again:


Flood damage can cause serious problems to your home or office if not handled immediately.  If you’re experiencing an emergency, and need a Gainesville flood damage restoration company that you can depend on, then please call us today.  Our water damage restoration pros can be at your property quickly and can rapidly begin the water extraction process.  By acting quickly, you can save yourself many headaches and save much of your property’s contents.

Gainesville flood damage pros use the best equipment and industry-standard restoration techniques to get your basement flood or other flood damage event dried up and fully restored.  We also use mold prevention techniques to ensure your flooded property doesn’t experience any future mold issues.  Within 30-60 minutes, and sometimes even quicker, our sewage back-up experts can be at your residence and can offer a free water damage restoration estimate.  Not only that, but our Gainesville water extraction pros can also reach out to your insurance company to handle the sometimes clumsy claims/billing process.

We understand your flood damaged property is scary, and probably causing a lot of stress.  Please don’t worry…emergency flood repair services are just a phone call away!

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