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Black Mold Removal

mold-inspectionEspecially in a damp, hot climate like we have in Jacksonville, black mold can be a pervasive problem.  And despite whatever you may have read on the internet or elsewhere, getting rid of mold properly isn’t a do-it-yourself project.  If you suspect you have toxic mold in your home or business, we hope you’ll give us a call and allow us to provide you with a free mold assessment.  We can help you identify the problem and determine what options are available to you!


How does the mold inspection process work?


Typically our responsibility as a Jacksonville restoration company is to visually assess the mold damage.  That can also include moisture readings to determine the likelihood of additional mold lurking behind walls or other surfaces that may be damp and susceptible to mold.

If it’s the case we recommend an environmentalist, they’re a 3rd party company that can come in and take environmental readings to determine the amount of black mold.

Free_EstimatesOur goal is to give you a very accurate picture of what you’re looking at in terms of toxic black mold.  Assuming unsafe levels are present, we can then provide you with a free estimate to perform the mold remediation process!

Our mold removal estimates are always free!


Understanding the mold cleanup process…


Read some articles online and you might be inclined to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up mold damage yourself.  Scrub it down with some bleach and you’re done!  Wrong!  In actuality, proper mold removal services require advanced equipment and strenuous safety procedures.


Containment is key!

mold-containmentWhat usually happens when someone tries to remove the mold on their own is that they start scrubbing the area with a cleaning agent.  Instead of killing the mold, they’re simply dispersing the particles into the air, at which point the mold finds another place to thrive within your property.

Before we begin any of the mold damage restoration process, we always contain the area.  By using negative pressure systems, we can make sure that any dispersed particles are captured and safely released outside of your property.


Mold can be removed in many ways.

mold-removalIn some cases, it’s simply more cost-effective to have the areas that have sustained mold damage replaced.  In other instances, we can use a substance called microban to kill off the particles.  Still in other scenarios, we may use negative ion systems that essentially emit negative ions into the air.  These negative ions are attracted to positive ions (like mold) that are wafting in the air.  Once they meet, they become heavy and drop out of the air and onto the floor, so we can use mold removal systems & anti-microbial solutions to safely remove them!


How do we know when the mold is gone?


There are 2 ways to ensure our mold remediation in Jacksonville services have been a success:

Visual inspection – a visual inspection helps determine whether or not there is mold damage still present.

Mold test – we always suggest a 3rd party test be performed at the completion of our work.  It gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is free from high levels of black mold!


Is your mold the result of a previous water loss?


checklistIf so, you may be entitled to reimbursement from your insurance company.  While not typical, we have successfully filed claims on behalf of our customers if we’re able to determine that the mold was a result of water damage from a loss that did fall under the homeowners insurance policy.

If you’re curious about the cause of the mold damage, or whether or not you’re eligible for an insurance reimbursement, please give us a call to discuss!

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