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Jacksonville FL Sewage Cleanup

When sewage back-ups, you’re not only looking at a smelly situation, you’re staring at a serious health hazard. Cleaning sewage is something that only a professional sewage extraction company should do, and so if it’s the case you found yourself in need of professionals, we hope you’ll give us the chance to earn your business. We specialize in around-the-clock emergency sewage removal services and can happily provide you with a free estimate offered in writing before any work is done!


Why you should choose us as your Jacksonville sewage cleanup company:


We take a fresh approach to cleaning up sewage that we hope separates us from other providers in the area.  We focus on providing excellent service at an affordable rate, but also understand one of our key functions is helping you through a traumatic experience.  It’s why we continually train everyone within our Jacksonville sewage extraction company in providing excellent customer service.  That means being responsive and available when you need us, taking the time to explain everything to you, answering all of your questions, and providing any other support we can throughout the process!


Why you should never attempt to cleanup sewage on your own!


We don’t like to be alarmists, but when it comes to raw sewage, all work should be performed by certified and trained technicians. While there are bad health implications for any poorly performed water damage services, it’s especially true when it comes to black water classified losses such as sewer backups. Watch this video to see why you should never even consider a DIY job when it comes to waste water:


Here’s just some of the things customers can expect from us…


Around-the-clock emergency sewage extraction service when you need it!

When a sewer line backs up or collapses and sewage finds its way into your property, you want it out as quickly as possible.  Waiting around isn’t an option.  It’s just one of the reasons our technicians can be dispatched within a moments notice, no matter what time of day or night our sewage removal services are needed!


Upfront pricing, free estimates, and affordable rates!

Not all sewage damage losses are covered by insurance, but regardless of your situation, we use the same insurance claims software to determine the rate to charge for cleaning sewage back-ups.  The end result is a written estimate, upfront, that you know is fair and that, should you be filing a loss claim, will be acceptable to your insurance company!

Don’t worry, the estimating process is not a mystery when you call us! We make it simple, straightforward, and fair. Curious what we mean by that? Watch the video below to see how our sewage cleanup estimators calculate the costs based on what insurance companies reimburse:


Certified technicians using industry-approved sewage cleaning techniques!

Removing sewage back-ups isn’t something that should be left to chance.  There’s the right way to do it, and then there’s a thousand other wrong ways to do it, any of which can put your home and your family at risk.  Our technicians are certified to clean sewage back-ups and only use the latest approved cleaning & restoration techniques!


When it comes to cleaning up sewage, we leave no stone unturned!


You simply can’t afford to overlook anything when it comes to sewage back-up cleaning.  There are 3 levels of water contamination and raw sewage is classified as the most contaminated, or black water.  That’s because it has be known to contain extremely hazardous agents such as E-coli virus and even Hepatitis-A.


We use sophisticated equipment to remove sewage and clean & disinfect your property.


Some “DIY experts” are happy to highlight how to remove sewage on your own.  To listen to them, it’s as simple as having a few household items and making sure to wear gloves.  But in reality extracting sewage requires a lot of different equipment that must be properly utilized in each phase of the removal, disinfecting, and drying phases.  Only a certified Jacksonville sewage extraction company has the equipment and experience required to truly make sure your home or office is safe after a sewage back-up.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Jacksonville area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If you live in the following cities, please feel free to call us for a free sewage cleanup estimate today:

Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Folkston, Kingsland, St Marys, Atlantic Beach, Lakeside, Macclenny, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra, Palm Valley, St Johns, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine


Why did this happen? Can I prevent it from happening again?


If you’ve got sewage in your home, you’re left with a lot of questions and sometimes very few answers. Let’s talk about why they happen and then address things you can do to make sure it never happens again.

sewage-overflowA sewage backup is when water comes into your home through the sewer drainage pipes responsible for getting the mess out, thus the term ‘backup’. The 2 scenarios that most frequently cause this situation are:

() rain water coming from the city’s sewage system ‘escapes’ up into your home’s drainage pipe.

() a blockage occurs somewhere in between where the pipe exits your home and where it connects to the city’s sewer line, causing the water to come back up the pipe once it can’t go down it’s usual route.


How can I stop it from happening again?


There are 2 main things you should do in order to stop sewer backups from ever happening again.


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-line1) Be wise about what goes down your drains! Did you know one of the biggest issues for city and home sewer lines is a build up in grease and fats? If you find yourself pouring cooking grease and other oily substances down the drain, please understand that liquid turns to a solid once it hits the cold pipes in the ground. After time, the build-up becomes a block in the line at which you point you get human feces in your home. Don’t let that happen to you! Properly dispose of grease and you’ll eliminate one of the biggest risks!


2) Make sure your property is fitted with a sewer backflow preventer. As the name implies, it prevents backflows of water back up into your home. It’s a fitting placed where the pipe exits your home and is attached the line running to the sewer line. The way it works is simple: if water begins backing up the pipe, the device has a ‘floating wall’ of sorts that creates a barrier that prevents the water from getting back into your property. Here’s a great video that shows you how they work!


We provide emergency cleaning for your Jacksonville sewage back-up issue!  Our water damage restoration technicians are standing by ready to provide fast emergency sewage back-up cleaning service.  We stand behind all of our work and our sewage flood damage experts guarantee your complete satisfaction.

A rapid response, free estimate, and help with your insurance claims are just some of the things you can expect when using our Jacksonville flood damage service.  So if you’ve had the misfortune of a Jacksonville basement flood and have raw sewage water in your home or commercial building, please call us now so that we can immediately respond to your property and begin the sewage extraction process as well as restore any damage that has occurred to your household items!

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