Mold Removal Miami FL

mold-inspectionGetting black mold out of your property quickly and safely is our #1 priority.  We provide mold cleanup services that are guaranteed to remove all unsafe levels of toxic mold.  If you’ve found mold in your home or office building, it’s always best to call a certified and insured mold removal company in Miami.  That’s us!  With decades of experience helping people with a mold problem, we have what it takes to get your property safe and healthy once again!


Your health & safety is our #1 concern!


Black mold isn’t just an un-sitely issue, it’s a health hazard.  Exposure to high levels of toxic mold can make you extremely sick.  And for small children, people already suffering from illness, and older people, the consequences can be deadly.

mold-sicknessIn many instances, people’s first inclination is to try and cleanup mold themselves.  We have to warn you, that’s a big mistake.  The EPA and the IICRC place strict safety protocols on all environmental work performed in the presence of mold for a reason.  Just the act of cleaning it up, if not done properly, can cause you to get sick and even spread the mold to other areas of your home.

Please don’t attempt the mold removal process yourself!


Concerned about mold?  Schedule a free assessment!


Free_EstimatesPerhaps you can see it on your ceilings or smell it in certain rooms?  Or perhaps members of your family are constantly sick.  Whatever the reason, if you suspect mold, it’s always best to have a Miami mold remediation company come out and assess your situation.  We provide a free mold consultation and estimate for any cleanup services that might be necessary!


Don’t get poor service – we’re a certified mold company!


CertificateIconThere are way too many restoration companies out there that have no business performing mold remediation services yet are all too willing to try and then collect your money.  Many times, they simply mask the problems while never actually treating the mold.  We are certified mold removal specialists, so you always know the work will be done according to the strictest standards.

We don’t cut any corners when it comes to your safety!


What is black mold and how do you get rid of it?


Black mold is an extremely dangerous form of toxic mold that produces mycotoxins.  While some amount of black mold occurs naturally, in high enough levels, it can make humans extremely sick.  It’s typically black or greenish color, but can also be found as different colors.



black-mold-health-effectsHere are some common symptoms of black mold:

() Respiratory issues

() Inflammation and hemorrhaging of the skin

() Internal organ damage

() Immune system impairment & suppression

() Tiredness & nausea


mold-removalRemoving black mold consists of safely containing the area that is under attack.  That means we create an air-tight seal so that when we begin the process of removing the mold, the mycotoxins don’t spread elsewhere in your home or disperse into the air where they can be inhaled.

We then use a variety of treatments to kill off any mold spores present.  But ultimately, proper mold prevention means making sure mold does not have a safe place to call home.  Mold needs food, moisture and time to grow.  It eats organic items such as the wood in your walls or drywall, and since you can’t not have those things, you’ve got to make sure that the dampness is fixed permanently!


Mold removal is not a DIY project


Safely removing mold damage is something that should always be left to professionals. Despite this, homeowners often attempt the dangerous job of remediating toxic mold growth on their own. Please understand that if you find yourself facing the same dilemma, you’re putting your health in jeopardy should you choose to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself. And compounding the issue is that depending on the extent of the home mold damage, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to remove the mold and prevent its future growth.


mold-damage-inspectionDiscovering the extent of mold growth is complex

Many times DIYers assume they can see all of the mold that is present and just address the visible mold damage. That’s dangerous, because like water damage, much of the damage can be hidden behind walls and below floors. Only a technician that is certified as a mold remediation specialist can properly diagnose the full extent of the mold growth so that you have a full understanding of what you’re up against!


Safely containing mold is crucial

Once work must begin, it’s imperative that the affected area is fully contained. Many times some form of demolition is required to remove surfaces that can’t be properly cleaned and mitigated. This kicks mold particles into the air where they are free to roam. If the area isn’t properly contained (meaning we have sealed off the area and are utilizing negative air machines). If this first step isn’t done properly, you’ll end up with mold damage in other areas of your home that were unaffected when work began!


Removing mold is different than removing the conditions necessary for its growth

This is probably the biggest mistake we see people make. They think that if they just get rid of the mold that is present in their home that they are in the clear. Then, once they get done patting themselves on the back for a job well done and get back to life, it starts again. First they start to smell it. Then they start to see it. Oh no! What happened? Well, they never addressed the underlying problem that created the environment the mold needed to grow in the first place. Mold, at its heart, is just the visible sign of a moisture problem. So if you remove the mold but not the excess moisture, you’re just putting a band aid on a large bleeding wound.

We aren’t just mold removal specialists in Miami, we’re also water damage restoration specialists. That means we know the dance these 2 devils do and we understand how to address both problems!


We guarantee a mold-safe property!


mold-free-guaranteeOne aspect that you simply can’t overlook when determining what mold remediation company to use is whether or not they stand behind their services. At RestorationEze, we stand behind all of our mold removal services with a mold-safe guarantee. Here is how it works: upon job completion, you may hire a 3rd party mold testing company to perform a complete analysis of mold levels in your home. We guarantee that your home will pass with flying colors. If not, we will continue our work until your home is deemed mold-safe!