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If you have a flood in your home or office building, using a certified water damage cleanup and restoration company is imperative. Only a certified provider can put in place the proper water loss protocols and has the appropriate equipment necessary to make sure your property is truly dry and safe to be in. When you call us, you can be confident that you’ll be receiving the best possible water damage cleaning services and that when we leave your home will be safe, clean and restored to its original state!


Water damage cleanup must be done to the strictest standards! 


The destructive nature of water is all too familiar to Miami residents.  We’ve all seen what it can do when a hurricane sweeps through.  It’s no different when it seaps into your walls and floors.  Water, even water you can’t see, can cause extensive damage and result in potentially toxic situations like a black mold infestation.  That’s why it’s important that water damage cleanup is done to the strictest standards!


We want to earn the right to be your Miami water damage repair company!


By providing an immediate response, anytime you call!

Day or night, rain or shine, water damage cleanup is always an emergency service and should be treated as such.  That’s why we always have crews on-call and can provide you with an immediate response to your water loss.


By providing an honest price & free, upfront quote!

Water damage restoration, unlike some other home improvement trades, is a trade primarily driven by insurance claims.  That means that our rates are essentially determined by what insurers will reimburse.  We promise to provide you with a free estimate and insurance-approved pricing!


Here’s how we calculate your water damage restoration estimate and make sure you get a fair price that will be accepted by your insurer:


Here’s how we perform water damage restoration services:


Full damage assessment.  First, we complete a water damage assessment so that everyone knows the extent of the damage.  Once we know what we’re dealing with, we lay out a restoration protocol to detail all steps that will be taken during the water cleanup and restoration process.  We then provide a written estimate for any services required!


Content Packout.  It’s important that any items in your home that have been water damaged are removed so that we can attempt to restore them offsite.  In many cases items that have been soaked can be salvaged if we get to them quickly enough.  All items are removed so that we can access all areas that have been damaged.


Moisture Assessment.  While much water damage can be spotted by a visual inspection, the most challenging step is identifying problem areas that can’t be seen visually.  We us state of the art equipment to find moisture in walls, floors and other surfaces without ripping up your house and making a complete mess.


Water Extraction.  We use an arsenal of different systems designed to extract water out of any surface type.  Whether it’s wet carpets, soaked walls or water damaged hardwood floors, we have equipment that can extract almost all moisture quickly from both the surface and anything lying below the surface.


Structural Dryout & Dehumidification.  Next we use high-powered drying equipment that can dryout any remaining moisture.  And to trap any evaporated water that escapes during the drying process, we use dehumidifiers to capture and exhaust that moisture.  Depending on how much water damage occurred, this process can take multiple days.


Still confused? Watch our “water damage restoration – how to” video below:


Don’t let the insurance claim process frighten you…


insurance-claim-formMost of our work is done under an insurance claim. That means a couple of things: most clients chose to submit a claim (you should, that’s why you pay so much each month, for unlikely scenarios such as this) and we have a lot of experience dealing with adjusters. While it may be nerve-wracking to you, it’s simply a part of our day to day operations. We’ve learned a few things over the years, but nothing is more important than understanding where your adjuster is coming from and anticipating any pushback they might present.

Adjusters don’t want to payout any more than they have to, but who or what keeps them accountable to you and making sure they hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to making sure the cost of water damage restoration services is covered? More often than not, it’s our job to make sure you are ‘made whole’ through the claims process.


How do we ensure that is the case?

1. We don’t inflate the cost arbitrarily. Too many water damage companies in Miami will, and the results can be very bad for you. Your insurer will balk and they may come after you for settlement. We’re in business for the long haul and understand that filing inflated claims to insurers will cause irreparable harm to our business. It’s why we just do the work necessary to return to the home to its original shape in the most cost-effective way possible.

2. We communicate with the adjuster. This in and of itself is a skill that too many water mitigation companies don’t have. They might ask that you deal with the adjuster but that’s just terrible business. We understand what they need to see on their end and what we need to do on our end to explain the loss and the appropriate water damage restoration process to utilize to make sure you the customer are taken care of and they the insurance company are not taken advantage of.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Miami-Dade area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Stop common home water damage problems!


When it comes to emergency water damage losses, there are a handful of common culprits that represent the majority of projects we service. Here’s a list of those culprits, along with advice on preventing these types of losses:


Clothes washing machine


washing machine failureA few things can go wrong here, all of which can send a ton of water into your home. First, the supply hoses can fail. If you have rubber hoses, consider immediately replacing them with mesh hoses to ensure they are stronger and less prone to cracks or warps. Another problem is that if you have an older machine that has turn nobs, sometimes those knobs can get stuck in between cycles. When this happens, the machine will continue to dump water into the tank until it’s shut off. If you turn on your washing machine and leave the house, you’ll come home to a big surprise. The last thing that usually happens is the drain hose disconnects from the system, sending water streaming onto the floor.


Ice maker supply line


You would be surprised how many of these types of projects we service. Usually due to improper installation, this can wreak havoc on a kitchen and surrounding rooms. Another common problem is the line getting pinched or somehow developing a pinhole sized leak in it. We suggest you have your refrigerator professionally installed and check the line twice each year for any signs of wear and tear.


Corroded water heater gives out


water-heater-corrosionThis one is particularly relevant for homeowners because in many cases your insurer will deny your claim if they determine you neglected to replace the system years after it should have been replaced. And it’s really easy to spot and there isn’t much we can argue on your behalf for them to accept your insurance claim. If your water heater is older than 12 years, consider replacing it. If you have a newer water heater and want to extend its life cycle, have it maintained by a plumber once a year and drain it twice annually.


Call us now for a free estimate for your water damage repair needs!  We proudly service:


Miami, Homestead, Cutler Bay, Richmond West, Kendall, Sunset, Tamiami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Hialeah, North Miami, Miami Gardens, Miramar, Aventura, Doral


What other resources are there for water damage emergencies?

The Miami-Dade Water & Waste Services Department has a list of water emergencies and the appropriate contact information in case of one of these emergencies. If you would like to learn more about the sewer system servicing your home, visit the Miami-Dade County web site.

Experiencing a water or flood event in your Miami FL can be a very traumatic experience.  Standing water is every property owners worst nightmare, but luckily it’s something we handle on a daily basis.  Our Miami water damage repair professionals have the skills, resources, and experience to make sure your property is dried out and restored completely.  From the first call through the final walkthrough of your Miami property, our goal is the same:  provide you peace of mind by offering the best service possible.

We’ll be there immediately, whether you call in the middle of the night, during the day, or on the weekend.  Our Miami FL water restoration crew can immediately begin extracting any water, whether it’s from an overflowing toilet, malfunctioning water, or busted pipe, so that any contents can be salvaged.  We also offer pack-out and mold prevention services to help get your Miami home or office back to normal and make sure it stays that way!  We’re here to help get your life back to normal, and we have years of experience making that happen.

So call us today and one of our licensed, insured Miami restoration technicians will arrive at your property quickly to offer a free estimate for any work that is necessary.  We can even work with your Miami insurance agent to handle the claims process and directly bill your homeowners insurance provider.  Fast, reliable & honest water extraction services are just a phone call away!

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