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mold-inspectionIf you’re here, you’ve probably got a mold problem.  Perhaps you started noticing frequent illnesses amongst your family members or started smelling a musty odor.  You might even see black mold growing in certain areas of your home.  If so, we hope you’ll call us.  We provide Orlando residential & commercial mold remediation services that are guaranteed to fully eliminate your mold problem.  We always provide a free mold inspection, so what are you waiting for?


What can you expect from our Orlando mold removal company?


We believe that the keys to satisfying our customers is setting expectations and making sure we fulfill them.  It takes commitment, good communication, and of course great service.  Here’s just some of the things you can expect from our mold removal services…


 An upfront cost estimate for any mold removal necessary.


Free_EstimatesWe make getting a fair estimate easy.  How?  We send out a certified mold remediation technician to fully inspect the mold damage, assess the loss, and determine the appropriate mold removal process.  At that point, we can provide you with a rundown of what needs to be done as well as a free cost estimate!

Don’t stress – call us for a free quote today!


Certified service from screened technicians.


CertificateIconWhen you’re talking about cleaning up black mold in Orlando, you’re not just talking about something unsightly.  You’re talking about your safety.  It’s paramount to us, and it’s why we always screen mold technicians before they hired for a criminal history.  It’s also why all techs are properly certified to remove mold damage from your home!

We are serious about your safety!


Satisfaction guaranteed – on all mold cleanup jobs!


satisfaction-guaranteeDiscovering black mold can be a nerve-wracking experience.  And choosing a mold removal company in Orlando can be just as stressful.  When you pick us, feel confidence that you’re picking a contractor that is serious about the work they do.  We make a promise to each customer: we’re not done until you’re satisfied.

Don’t pick the wrong mold remediation contractor!


Debunking some toxic mold myths…


There are too many misconceptions out there regarding mold.  Unfortunately, that can cause problems for you.  So here’s some common things we see from customers that hopefully help clear up any misconceptions you might have about toxic mold and the do’s and dont’s that come with dealing with!


“I can get rid of it using bleach.”

cautionUnfortunately the only thing you’re going to do when scrubbing it with bleach is inhale it and cause it to release into the environment, where it will latch on to other receptive areas of your property.  Despite what thousands of DIY sites might say, you can’t properly cleanup mold damage with bleach.


“If it’s not black, it’s not toxic.”

We often use the term black mold to differentiate it from other non-toxic forms, but in reality that is not a very accurate phrase.  The truth is some black molds micro-organisms are benign and some molds of different colors can be very serious health hazards.  If you see mold of any kind, it’s always best to call an Orlando mold remediation company!


“My insurance company will pay for the cleanup costs.”

Unfortunately this is rarely the case.  Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover black mold remediation services.


How our mold cleanup services are done


As we highlighted above, there are a lot of myths regarding mold growth and its subsequent removal. There is, frankly, a lot of bad advice on the Internet that can put your health at risk and ultimately result in your continuing to live in an unsafe home. What most homeowners fail to realize is the complex nature of mold growth and the challenges that go into effectively removing both the toxic black mold that is present, along with the underlying moisture issues that gave the mold the environment it needed to begin with. So to help you better understand what effective mold removal services in Orlando look like, we’ve outlines the steps below:


Assess the mold damage

mold-assessment-inspectionAny mold remediation project must begin with a complete assessment. Generally speaking, if you see mold you have mold. If you don’t see mold but you suspect your have some lurking in your home, you’ll want to hire an environmental hygienist to perform a mold test to determine if you have elevated levels of toxic mold spores in your home. But assuming you see mold, that is when you call a mold remediation company like us to perform a full assessment. Upon completion, both you and us will have a clearer picture of where the mold has grown and thus what actions will need to be taken to remove it.


Area containment

mold-containment-barrierHopefully the mold is just present in a certain area of your home. Assuming that is the case, our first order of business is to make sure it stays in that section of the home when our work begins. Often times removing mold requires us to demolish surfaces or areas that can’t be saved. Doing so results in the mold spores getting into the air. So to make sure they don’t travel to other areas of the home we create an airtight seal and use negative air machines to emit mold-filled air safely outside the home. If you hire a mold removal contractor that doesn’t perform this crucial step, our you take on the project yourself without doing so, you’re only going to end up with even more mold damage once the ‘dust has settled.’


Remove unsafe surfaces and items

As with any damage cleanup project, whether it’s due to water, fire or mold, our job is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of cleaning versus replacing. And when it comes to mold damage, often times it’s easier and cheaper to remove and replace surfaces that have become infested with mold. Things like drywall, insulation, etc. are removed, packaged in industrial strength hazmat bags and safely taken off-property and disposed of.


Apply anti-microbials

On the remaining surfaces where there is still mold present, an anti-microbial is applied to kill the mold spores. There are a host of different mold cleaning agents that can be used, depending on the extent of the growth and the type of mold present. Once liberally applied such that all living mold spores have been killed, we then must perform an extremely important task (that is often overlooked in DIY mold projects)…


Fix the moisture problem

Mold spores are naturally occurring in almost every environment. In fact, they’re present everywhere. Even ‘safe’ homes have some mold (but in very low levels that don’t impact our health). But a mold outbreak needs an agent to activate its growth: moisture. Technically, it needs moisture, food and the right temperature. But it’s the moisture problem that must be permanently fixed in order to make sure you aren’t going to end up with the same expensive problem you just hired us to fix. Often times companies that aren’t also certified as water damage mitigation specialists don’t have the expertise to perform this final step. Beware if that is the case!


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


The parent of children who have been sick with respiratory issues was concerned about the black dots that look like mold on the window sills in the bedrooms of their new house.  Experts were needed to test for mold.

–Ebony, Orlando, FL


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