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flood-damage-companyExperiencing a sewage back-up isn’t just a nasty, smelly event, it’s a health risk. Sewage contains hundreds of disease-causing pathogens, many of which can be transmitted through the air. That means if you have a sewer back-up, you’re only move should be to leave the house and call a professional sewage cleaning company in Sarasota. We offer complete sewage damage cleanup & repair services that are guaranteed to be done right, and we always offer you a free upfront estimate…so call now for immediate assistance!


Here’s what you can expect if you choose us!


There’s a lot of sewage back-up cleaning companies in Sarasota, and we know that you have many choices when you need help.  We believe we offer a level of service that is unsurpassed in our industry, and we hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to bring you into our family of satisfied customers.


Emergency services & rapid response guaranteed!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe cleanup sewage damage quickly because your health and the safety of your home are at stake.  It’s not a time to move slowly or delay.  It’s a time to leap into action, and that’s precisely what we do when you call.  We always respond immediately to your call and can be onsite within 1 hour, usually much faster!

Don’t wait – call us and get a 1 hour response time guarantee!


If you want to know the cost ahead of time, just call!


photo_free_estimatesWe offer fair and competitive rates for sewage backup removal services and would appreciate the chance to earn your business by providing you an on-site sewage damage cleanup assessment and free cost estimate.  Just give us a call and we’re on our way to provide a no obligation quote!

Call today – it’s free and there is no obligation!


We cleanup sewage backups the right way – guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeRemoving raw sewage from a property should be done according to the guidelines set out by the IICRC.  Any other methods can put the safety of the technicians and the property’s inhabitants in jeopardy.  It’s why we always follow the appropriate methods when cleaning up sewage and why we guarantee that the work will be done right!

Call now and we guarantee your complete satisfaction!


Understanding the sewage cleanup process!


We try as much as possible to educate customers about the process of cleaning up & repairing sewage back-ups.  During the process, we’ll continually communicate with you regarding what we’re doing as well as keep you apprised of the time frame for completion.  What most homeowners and property managers don’t realize is just how toxic the environment becomes as soon as raw sewage sits exposed.  It’s why we like to point out the dangers and make clear that a sewage backup is always something that should be dealt with by a professional emergency restoration service.  If you’d like, feel free to watch the video below detailing the sewage cleanup dangers and process.


But here’s a quick rundown of what we do:


Determine extent of loss.

We first need to determine the extent to which the sewer back-up damaged your property.  Not all damage is visible by the human eye, so we take readings using a variety of equipment to determine where moisture is hidden so we know the trouble spots we need to address.


Extract sewage.

Once we’ve examined the damage to provide you with a free quote (and assuming you want us to move forward) we can then begin removing the sewage and safely disposing of it outside your home.  Whether that’s using your existing sewage system or transporting it to safe dump site, we get the mess out quickly!


sewagecleanupRemove damaged areas.

The rule of thumb when it comes to sewage cleaning is if it’s been touched by the waste water, it must be completely removed and replaced.  Any porous surfaces (like drywall, carpeting, etc.) must be torn out and safely thrown away because the cost to effectively repair the areas far outweighs the cost of replacing it.


Apply disinfectant.

Once we’ve effectively cleared the area and have fully extracted any remaining sewer water, we can then coat those areas with a powerful disinfectant that kills 99.9% of any bacteria, viruses, parasites, or any other harmful substances that may have found their way into your property.


sewage-cleanup-dryingDry out the structure.

We can then begin the process of drying out the home’s structure.  To do so, we take environmental readings inside (at affected areas and non-affected areas) as well as outside, and moisture readings through out.  We use these readings to a) determine our drying plan (what equipment, where, how many, etc.) and b) know what constitutes successful drying.


Replace any areas.

Lastly, once everything is properly disinfected and completely dry, we can then circle back and replace your carpeting or drywall should areas have been torn out during the remediation process.


Don’t get stuck paying too much for sewage cleanup service!


Did you know that insurers cover most water losses?  If that is the case in your situation, you want to make sure the costs of any sewage damage cleanup services are calculated using Xactimate.  As the insurance-approved market leader in restoration estimating, it guarantees you always get a fair price…here’s how it works:


If you have experienced a sewage back-up and need an emergency response, we’re here to help.  We offer complete Sarasota sewage back-up cleanup service for residential and commercial customers.  We specialize in providing a rapid response to your Sarasota basement flood and are insurance approved.

That means we can work directly with all major homeowners insurance companies to take the headache out of the claims process.  Whether your flood damage was the result of a backed-up sewage line or from any other water event, our water extraction in crews are standing by ready to assist you.

Each of our crews is fully licensed and insured for your safety and are properly certified Sarasota water damage restoration specialists.  We offer a 60 minute response time guarantee and stand behind all of our Sarasota flood damage services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So call us now and speak with a live representative and schedule your free in-home estimate!

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