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St Petersburg FL Sewage Cleanup

Cleaning up sewage back-ups and making sure your property is clean and disinfected is what we do! Our certified and insured technicians have been helping residents & businesses cleanup after a sewage back-up for over 2 decades, and we would be happy to help with your emergency! Just call now and we’ll respond immediately and dispatch a technician to provide you with a free sewage cleaning estimate!


Affordable & reliable sewage removal & restoration services!


You don’t have to wait for help!

And you shouldn’t wait for help!  Raw sewage is not something that anyone, under any circumstance, should take lightly.  It can make you sick and cause a lot of sewage damage to your home.  So call us and you can rest easy knowing a crew will be dispatched immediately to help with your emergency!


You don’t have to guess the cost!

Our goal is to be upfront and straightforward with you about our services and how much they cost.  It doesn’t benefit anyone if there are surprises along the way, and that’s why we aim to keep you informed throughout the sewage damage cleanup process.  That includes giving you an upfront estimate for our services!


You don’t have to worry about the job being done right!

In fact, it’s guaranteed!  We know the ins and outs of cleaning sewer back-ups and are confident we’ll get the job done right.  It’s why we offer each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  But we don’t stop there.  We also back our sewage extraction services with a full year warranty on our labor!


How do you get a fair sewage cleanup estimate? Call us!


What’s fair? The job of any St. Petersburg water damage company is to make sure your property is returned to the exact same state it was in before you suffered a sewage backup and to do so as cost-effectively as possible. In our industry, we actually have standard pricing that applies to any single service we could perform. The job of estimating and totaling the cost of that work is done by a system called Xactimate, and it’s what our estimators use and your insurance adjuster will use. Here’s how we make sure our estimate is always fair to you and your insurer:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the St Petersburg area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Choose a St. Petersburg sewage cleanup company you can trust!


We understand that when you call us you’re in a situation no homeowner wants to find themselves in and probably one you’ve never dealt with before.  Sewer back-ups can wreak a lot of havoc not only on your home but also your emotions.

It’s why our aim isn’t just to provide you with exceptional sewage damage repair services but also make sure we’re providing the very best in customer service.  To us, that means being responsive to your needs and questions, being available, and always communicating.  It’s important you know what’s going on and that your questions are answered.

So we promise to provide the best sewage extraction & restoration service AND the best customer service around!


What makes cleaning up sewage a challenge?


Some restoration companies refuse to cleanup sewage.  The reason is that it’s dangerous and that it requires a lot of safety equipment and advanced systems to do correctly.  Raw sewage has thousands of disease causing pathogens.  Many can be contracted not only by ingestion and touch, by also through the air.

When we say it’s an emergency situation, we really do mean it!  In fact, we would encourage you to leave the property immediately and call for help if there is raw sewage backed-up in your property.  Once we arrive, we can contain the area that has sustained sewage damage and begin the extraction & mitigation process!

To see for yourself the dangers lurking in your sewer backup as well as the challenges faced with safely cleaning up and repairing the mess, watch the short video below:


Is my sewage back-up covered by insurance & can you help with my claim?


In many cases, St. Petersburg sewage cleaning services are covered by insurance.  While there are occasions where the loss doesn’t fall under your insurance, if it does, we can help you with the claim’s process.  As an insurance approved provider of sewer backup cleanups, we can work directly with the carrier to settle your claim and can bill them for our services!


How can I stop another sewage backup from occurring?


There are a few things that you can do to prevent having to deal with another sewer line backup in your home. Take these steps and you’ll greatly reduce the chances of ever having to call us again:


Properly maintain your sewer line

roots_in_pipeMost backups we clean up occurred because of a blockage in the main sewer line outside of the home but before it connects to the city’s sewer line. The most common causes are tree roots growing into your sewer line and fats, oils and greases being poured down your drain.  By simply not throwing away fatty acids after you cook and once a year having your sewer line snaked and cleaned, you can prevent the overwhelming majority of sewer backups.


Install a backflow prevention device

Just like the names suggests, this device is installed right outside of your home on the main sewer line. It acts like an alarm and when it senses water flowing back up your pipe and into your home, a gate releases that prevents more water from doing so, effectively preventing a sewage backup from happening inside your home!


Do you need immediate help for your St Petersburg sewage back-up issue?  Our sewage restoration technicians are standing by ready to provide rapid, emergency sewer backup clean-up service.  We stand behind all of our work and our St Petersburg basement flood experts guarantee your complete satisfaction.  A rapid response, free estimate, and help with your homeowners insurance claim are just some of the things you can expect when using our flood damage company.  We understand that cleaning up sewage is just part of our job, and that providing whatever support necessary during a try time is also important!

It’s our way of assisting you during a trying event and it’s just some of the things we do to make the sewage extraction process less painful.  So if you’ve had the misfortune of  experiencing home sewage damage, please call us now so that we can immediately respond to your property and begin the process of cleaning up and restoring any damage that has occurred to your household items!

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