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Soot & Fire Damage Restoration

Fire-damageCleaning up properties and fully restoring them after a fire is what we do best.  We provide complete fire and smoke restoration services guaranteed to make you smile…or at least have you forget you every had a fire in the first place!  Call today and we can provide you with a free in-home consultation with one of our fire damage project managers.  He or she can help answer your questions and provide you with clear expectations on what it will take to get your property fully restored!


FAQs about Fire Damage Restoration Services


Our customers have lots of questions when they call us and understandably so.  Usually it’s the first time they’ve dealt with this emergency and they aren’t sure what to do or how to go about things.  Here’s some questions people commonly ask us about the fire damage repair process.


How do you determine the cost of your services?


We get this question a lot, and people are always surprised by the answer.  In our industry, flood damage repair and fire restoration services are typically paid for by insurance providers.  So instead of us offering a service to a customer that is paying for it, we offer a service to you that is then paid for by a third party.

Free_EstimatesThat means that the insurance companies decide what we can charge for our services.  We use a system called Xactimate.  It’s the same system in other St. Petersburg fire damage company and any insurance adjuster uses to calculate the total cost of mitigation services.

So when we come to your property to provide a free estimate, you can be confident that the cost we quote you upfront is fair!


Will my insurance company pay for it?


It’s usually the case that we are able to successfully file claims on behalf of our customers that have suffered fire damage.  The good news for you is that:

costs of restoration1) we have staff that can handle your claim.  You don’t need to slog through that sometimes slow and frustrating process.  Our staff can handle it!

2) if there’s a chance at all the claim will be filed successfully, you can bet we’ll make it happen!

Best yet, we actually bill the insurance company on successful claims!


How can I trust you’ll do a good job?


The reality of fire damage restoration service is that the longer you wait to have the work done, the more dangerous it gets and the worse off the damage.  So you’re in a position where you need to make an important decision quickly.  So how do you know whether or not you can trust our fire damage restoration company?


checklistOur technicians are screened & drug-free

First and foremost, we can’t be in the business of providing your safety without knowing the people we employ are safe.  It’s why technicians must pass a background screening prior to being hired.  It’s also why they must pass random drug tests.


CertificateIconOur technicians are certified fire restoration professionals

It’s not possible to provide great fire repair & smoke damage cleanup services without knowing what you’re doing.  That sounds like the most obvious statement ever, but you would be shocked at the number of companies that aren’t certified restoration professionals.  Our techs are fully certify to do the work!


Can you remove the smoke smell?


fire-restoration-equipYou bet!  We have specialized equipment designed to remove smoke odors from a property of any size.  Whether it’s a large commercial building or a small area of a home, we can get the smoke damage repaired and the odor removed.

We are a full-service fire restoration contractor, so no matter what type of loss you have suffered we hope you will call us and give us a chance to tell you about what makes our services special.  We want to earn your business!


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