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Toxic Black Mold Removal

mold-inspectionWe clean up mold damage the right way.  Unlike so many water damage restoration companies that might occasionally offer mold remediation services, we have full-time technicians that are certified as environment and mold specialists.  It means you’re always going to receive the absolute best service possible and that when we’re done your property will be free from harmful levels of toxic mold.


What to look for in a mold company…


Are they certified?

CertificateIconFirst and foremost, you need to know that the services rendered are being done correctly.  And one sad fact about the mold remediation space is that there are plenty of fly-by-night contractors out there willing to prey on people’s fears.  You always want to make sure the work is being done by a certified mold remediation specialist.  At a minimum, they know the proper techniques and use of the right equipment.


Do they offer service assurances?

satisfaction-guaranteeIf you’re like most customers we speak with, you feel a great deal of stress and concern when it comes to cleaning up black mold.  And one of the biggest concerns is wondering whether or not the company you hire is going to do the work correctly.  So before making a decision, make sure they are willing to offer you a service guarantee or warranty in writing before the begin the mold removal & restoration process.


Are their employees screened?

checklistThe mold damage remediation process typically takes 2-6 days to complete, and in that time, there will be strangers coming into and out of your home.  We realize that is not something you want, but it’s a fact of the service.  But shouldn’t you at least feel comfortable with the quality of the people and know that they’re safe.  We randomly drug-screen all mold specialists and perform a background screen before hiring them!


Do they offer upfront pricing?

Free_EstimatesAs with any industry, the mold space has contractors that are out there trying to get as much money out of people as they can with little regard to service quality or value.  In some cases, they’ll quote one price and then charge another.  In other cases, they’ll quote things hourly and drag them on and on.  We provide complete mold assessments and a free/upfront cost estimate!


A quick note about insurance claims and mold damage…


One thing that often confuses (and ultimately frustrates) people with regards to mold removal services is the insurance company’s stance on whether or not it’s covered.  In the majority of instances, black mold issues are not covered by insurers meaning the homeowner will have to pay out of pocket for our services.

costs of restorationHowever, there have been cases where we were able to show that the mold damage was due to a water loss that was covered under the policy and have successfully filed claims on behalf of our customers.

So if you have questions about your mold situation and whether or not your adjuster will accept the claim, give us a call and one of our insurance specialists can help you determine the best course of action.


Your health is too important to ignore black mold!


mold-sicknessMold will only get worse the longer it sits untreated in your home.  If you have black mold, you have to do something about it.  And unfortunately, cleaning it up on your own isn’t going to do anything beneficial.  In fact, it can simply make it worse.

Anytime you are faced with toxic mold, you always want to call a professional mold remediation company in St Petersburg, FL that can provide you with safe, timely, and effective service.  Ultimately, you’re going to get peace of mind knowing that you’re o9nce again living in a clean, healthy environment!

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