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Whether it’s from an overflow from the city’s main line or from a blockage within your sewer pipes, when sewage gets backed-up into your property, it’s not only a smelly situation, it’s a health hazard! That’s why we’ve been offering Tampa sewage removal services for over 2 decades and would be happy to provide you with an immediate response and free estimate for our services.


Raw sewage backups are dangerous!


We can’t stress enough the danger you face when contaminated waste water sits in your property. While the smell can be nauseating, the risks to your health are what you should really be most concerned with. While some types of water damage might be something you can safely deal with on your own, a Tampa sewer backup is an event that should always be handled by a certified water damage restoration company. Watch this video to understand the dangers you face:


Why Are We The #1 Tampa Sewage Cleaning Company?


We believe it’s our commitment to consistently providing unparalleled service & excellent customer service at an affordable rate.  We try to look at every sewage extraction job through the eyes of our customers.  And here’s what we believe is most important to our customers…


Being responsive.

That means being there when you need our help but also being able to answer your questions and make sure you’re educated about the sewage removal process and what we do/how we do it.  So we promise to show up quickly anytime you need our help & we promise to communicate with you so you feel comfortable with us and the service we’re performing for you!


Being affordable.

Unfortunately you’ll find Tampa sewage extraction companies willing to gouge customers knowing they’re in a pickle.  It’s a sad reality, but luckily we do things differently.  In fact, our aim is to make sure our rates are affordable, and we ensure that by using claims estimating software that’s pretty much the gold-standard in our industry (in fact, it’s probably the same software used by your adjuster).


Being accountable.

We do everything possible to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the sewage back-up cleaning service you receive, but sometimes despite our best efforts, we might mess up.  But unlike some companies, we stand behind our work and guarantee your complete satisfaction.  We even offer a 1 year warranty on all of the work we perform, so you have peace of mind throughout the process!


We offer free sewage cleanup estimates in writing at no obligation to you!


Whether you just have some sewage in your shower that has come up from the drain or you’ve got a pipe that has collapsed and a large amount of sewage has come up through your foundation, we’re happy to come to your property and offer a free sewage removal quote.  It will be in writing and include every aspect of our service, from the sewage extraction process to any cleaning, disinfecting and drying that needs to occur.

The estimate for cleaning up sewer back-ups is a lot more straightforward than you might expect. For starters, there should never be much, if any, difference in costs between various water damage companies in Tampa. Why? Because we all use the same pricing rates to determine the costs, and it’s always calculated by the same estimating software. Watch this video to see how a quote from Xactimate means a fair, honest assessment of your restoration needs.


We provide certified Tampa Bay sewage back-up cleaning & extraction services throughout the area:

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lake Magdalene, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa, Brandon, Westchase, Lutz, Cheval, Town N Country, Wesley Chapel, Citrus Park, Riverview, Plant City, Apollo Beach, Fish Hawk


How can I prevent my sewer from backing up?


The truth is most sewage backups can be stopped before they happen by taking some simple preventative steps. Here’s the 2 best things you can do to never have to go through the experience again:


1 – Watch what you pour down your drains or flush down your toilets.

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineMost people assume their pipes can handle anything they put down them. The reality is that they can’t, and if you assume they will continue to work as designed despite putting the wrong things down them, you will eventually discover you were wrong. Specifically, cooking oils and fats should never be poured down drains as they will solidify once they get to cold pipes, causing a severe blockage that will send water back up your pipes and into your home!


2 – Install a sewer backflow prevention device.

New homes are required to have these devices, but many older homes don’t have them. They work as their name implies to stop water from flowing back into your home. If you get a blockage in your main line, this device will ensure the water doesn’t back up into your home!


Cleaning up sewage back-ups is a stinky business.  But it’s what we do and we work hard to make sure we offer the highest level of sewage cleanup service available.  If your home or office has experienced a sewage back-up and you need a Tampa water damage restoration company you can trust, we’re the answer.  Too many times, sewage back-up removal companies don’t show up on-time or don’t use the right techniques to dry out and clean-up your property.  Not with us.

Our Tampa basement flood professionals utilize the best products and the latest techniques to fully clean-out any sewer back-up situation you might have.

We understand you have choices for your sewage cleaning needs.  It’s why we want to earn your business and prove to you our Tampa FL water extraction crews are the best around.  Call us now and we’ll have a truck at your property within 60 minutes to fully assess your Tampa sewage back-up cleanup needs and offer a free estimate in writing.  We can begin the clean-up and dryout process immediately if you chose us!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Tampa Bay area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


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