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Home is where your heart is…so when it’s damaged by water, it can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Dealing with a water damage emergency doesn’t have to be so stressful! We’ve designed our services to take the pain and anxiety out of water damage repair. We focus on offering the best possible service around and providing assistance at each step of the process so that you understand what we’re doing and are comfortable with the process as a whole!


Call us now for a completely free water damage estimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call us, the first thing we will need to do is come to your property in order to assess the amount of water damage you have. This includes using moisture reading equipment to know exactly what’s wet and will need to be dried. Once we have a full scope of the project, we can walk you through what we need to do and punch the pertinent information into our estimating software to provide you with a clear estimate on the costs. Here’s how it works:


We take the stress out of the process so that you can keep living while we get your property restored!


On-site Within Minutes of Your Call.  The longer you sit around and wait for help, the greater the extent of water damage that is done.  When you call, we can dispatch a restoration crew immediately that will arrive on-site within the hour to help mitigate your loss.  We guarantee a rapid response to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


Insurance Specialists to Handle Your Claim. We understand that having to deal with your claim can be cumbersome.  Fortunately, we have staff in place that can assist in your claim.  Our Tampa water damage company can work with your adjuster, providing all of the necessary documentation they need to feel confident the loss was handled properly.  Handling it on your own can mean making mistakes that delay the process…with us, you don’t have to worry!


Highest Level of Industry-Standard Processes.  Not all restoration companies are what they seem.  Just because someone is handy with a tool and has access to some drying equipment doesn’t make them professionals.  Our techs are fully certified, having completed many hours of training and testing.  We make sure to use the latest techniques and best equipment available.


Effective water damage repair service requires cutting-edge technology and experience.  We’ve got the resources and know-how to quickly mitigate your loss!


() Industry leading estimation software ensuring you’re quoted a fair price.

() Fully-stocked trucks capable of stemming your loss within minutes of arrival.

() Moisture test equipment and infrared detection systems that spot all danger areas.

() Portable as well as truck mounted water extraction equipment capable of removing over 95% of moisture on the spot.

() Black mold & Mildew Preventative Applications


Understand the water damage cleanup process


From beginning to end, we aim to keep you fully informed so that you know what’s happening and are comfortable with the pace of progress and the quality of our work. Even before work begins, we think you should understand what the process typically looks like. We created the video below to show you what we actually do to get your home dry and fully repaired:


Our Mission is Simple…


Make a painful situation as easy as possible to deal with.  It takes an understanding of your needs as a customer, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make a bad situation better.  We promise to get above and beyond the call of duty and to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire water damage service we offer.


Questions to ask any Tampa water damage company:


How quickly can you get here? A fast response is imperative because waiting costs money and extends the amount of damage caused. In fact, waiting 48 hours can be enough time for toxic black mold to grow, posing an even greater threat to your safety and health.


iicrc-logoAre you certified by the IICRC? Being certified as a water damage restoration company means they’ve invested in doing things the right way. While it doesn’t give a sense for their customer service abilities, or their ability to handle your insurance claim, it at least gives you peace of mind regarding their actual ability to competently dryout structures affected by water damage.


contractor-customerAre your technicians drug tested and screened? When you rely on a water damage contractor to help you recover after a flood, the reality is there will be a team of professionals in and out of your home over the course of a few days. Some companies hire people without having any insight into their background. That means you could have strangers coming into your home that are convicted felons or even high on drugs. You want to make sure whoever you hire does what they need to do in order to make sure you are safe.


Do you just do mitigation or reconstruction as well? There are two phases to most water damage events. Drying out the structure (known in the industry as ‘mitigation’) and repairing any areas that were removed (known as ‘reconstruction’). In most cases, companies either do one or the other, but not both. You need to hire a water mitigation company immediately so the damage is contained and the structure is dried before you get mold, but it’s worth asking whether or not they also do the reconstruction, and if not, if they work with a general contractor to get that portion done under the same insurance claim.


Common water damage causes & prevention tips!


On average, a water loss occurs once every eleven years. That means if you’re in a home long enough, it may happen to you multiple times. So while this might be your first time dealing with water damage, odds are it won’t be your last. That said, here are some of the most common water damage events we see along with some helpful tips to make sure you lessen the chance they happen to you.



overflowing-toiletFaulty supply lines, cracked toilets, or malfunctioning flapper valves can cause water to continuously flow from your toilet, causing anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 in damages on average.

If your toilet has a tendency to not properly fill up, consider replacing the fill valve. It’s suggested that you inspect the entire flushing mechanism once every six months to ensure it’s properly operating!


Washing machines

When a washing machine malfunctions, watch out! The amount of water can be staggering. 50% of all water damage claims that are caused by washing machines occur because of faulty supply lines. In order to decrease the odds of this happening to you, inspect the supply hoses every 6 months for cracks or blisters and make sure they are properly fastened.


Water heaters

water-heater-corrosionWater heaters malfunctioning are another common reason for water damage. Whether it’s from a water heater that is long past it’s useful shelf life corroding and leaking, or a valve malfunctioning, the damage can be extensive. To make sure your water heater works as designed, replace the water and discharge the sediment inside every 6 months. Also have a licensed plumber troubleshoot and tune-up the hot water heater annually.


We proudly service Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Plant City, Town N Country, Lake Magdalene, Westchase, Citrus Park, Apollo Beach, Fish Hawk, Lutz, Cheval, Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa, and all surrounding areas.

Tampa FL residences and offices experience a water or flood event every minute or every day.  While our Tampa properties are built to last, the reality is that things can go wrong.  Hot water heaters malfunction and leak, pipes freeze and burst, and toilets or drains can overflow and sewage can back-up.  While these are your nightmare, they are the events our Tampa FL water & flood damage restoration experts are fully equipped to handle.  No matter how big or small, we have the ability and experience to restore your Tampa property that has been damaged by water or needs water extraction back to its original state.

Our Tampa FL flooded basement & water extraction crews have years of experience working with homeowners and business owners to help get them back on their feet.  No matter where you are in the Tampa FL area, we can have a technician at your property quickly to immediately begin extracting any standing water or raw sewage and restoring your property.  We are also insurance approved, meaning we can work directly with your Tampa insurance company to handle the claims and billing process.  Our goal is very simple: we aim to make a bad experience as painless as possible and get your Tampa FL water damage property back to normal as quickly as possible.  And we stand behind all of the work our Tampa flood damage & water extraction professional perform with a 100% customer satisfaction.

So if your Tampa home or office has experienced a water loss, immediate help is just a phone call away!

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