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Tampa water removal services are just a phone call away!  Whether it’s a small flood from a backed-up toilet or a massive water loss from a busted pipe, we can get the water out and your property restored quickly!  Our water cleanup & restoration crews are available anytime, day or night, to help get standing water out of your flooded property.  So please give us a call now and we’ll come out to your home or business and provide a no obligation, free written estimate for our water extraction & repair services!


Complete water removal & structural drying services whenever you need it!


If you’ve experienced flooding and aren’t sure where to turn to, we hope you’ll give us the chance to take care of your problems…with just one call, you can expect:


An “Around-the-clock” Rapid Response

We specialize in emergency water removal services…that means we answer your call, no matter when you call, and we can move quickly to get a crew out to your property within the hour.  No calling around trying to get someone to answer the phone, and no waiting around hoping they’ll show up.  We get there fast so we can limit the damage and get your property back to normal fast!


A Free Estimate

If a company isn’t willing to provide you with a complete estimate in writing, tell them no thanks!  Dealing with a flood isn’t the time to end up on the line of a bait and switch.  It’s why we make things very straightforward by offering you a complete estimate for any water cleanup or repair services you might need and make sure you understand every step that must be taken along the way.

Getting an estimate that is fair and transparent doesn’t need to be difficult. While some water damage companies in Tampa make things complicated, or even worse, charge outlandish rates based on your hysteria, we always price our water mitigation services according to Xactimate. Here’s what that means for you:


Help with Your Insurance Claim and Even Insurance Direct Billing!

Sometimes, especially if it’s the first time you’ve filed a water loss claim, it can be a tedious process that can lead to a lot of frustration.  That’s why if you’re dealing with a Tampa water extraction emergency, we can work directly with your carrier to make sure that your claim is settled without any problems.  Or we can just bill them directly, it’s up to you!


The 3 Pillars of our Tampa Water Removal Company


People.  We know we can’t be a great water extraction company without great people.  It’s why we go to such great lengths to only choose the best people available and then give them everything they need to be successful, including continually training them and providing them with the best equipment!


Process.  Even with the best people, if they don’t know what they’re doing, they can’t be effective.  So we make sure each technician is rigorously trained and undergoes continual accreditation to make sure that the water removal process is done according to the strictest standards within the industry.


Resources.  The third pillar for us is making sure that our water cleanup crews have everything they need to be successful at their jobs.  That doesn’t just mean skills, but also having the best possible equipment available so that we can quickly remove any water from your property and get it dry!


What does the water mitigation process look like?


Water mitigation is the process of drying out a home that has excess moisture from some type of flooding event. Some times it can be a slow leak from a plumbing pipe, other times it happens quickly and sends thousands of gallons streaming through your property in a matter of minutes. Regardless of why it happens, getting the moisture out quickly is imperative in order to make sure black mold doesn’t grow. The video below shows you the steps commonly taken when drying out a structure:


Water extraction for water damaged wood floors


water-extraction-wood-floorsDepending on when the damage occurred, we may be able to save your wood floors. The process is pretty complex, and requires a significant amount of training and the right equipment, but rest assured if they can be saved and we can properly dry the sub-floor so that you don’t get any mold spores trapped below the surface, we’ll get them dry. What most people fail to realize is that moisture not only sits on the surface but a percentage of it gets trapped in the wood panels themselves, as well as below the wood and on the sub-floor. Proper drying must remove this excess moisture without drying it out too much. When this happens, it can cause the planks to shrink and create gaps, essentially ruining the floors and ensuring they need to be completely replaced!


Emergency Water Mitigation Services You Can Rely On!


satisfaction-guaranteeOne of the biggest conflicts most water mitigation companies in Tampa face is focusing on the customer and their happiness. Why? Because most of the time when we provide water removal services the insurance company is paying for it, so the tendency is to treat them like the customer and not you. That’s wrong, and we never lose sight of the fact that it is you owns the home and it is you that will have to live with the results we provide. It’s why when you choose RestorationEze, any emergency water cleanup services we provide are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Understanding the mold problem!


black-mold-2We live in a humid climate. While it might be good for aging skin, it’s bad if you’re trying to recover from a moisture issue and not get toxic mold. Most people understand that if they have water damage that is left untreated it will cause black mold damage. But what most people don’t realize is just how quickly that happens. Usually within 1-3 days after the initial moisture intrusion signs of black mold growth will begin. If you’ve been out of town for a week and come back to find your home is soaked, chances are you’ve already got black mold. The good news is if you act quickly, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of the water damage cleanup process. The bad news is if you delay you’ll be stuck footing the bill.


Our Tampa flood damage restoration crews have experienced it all…from small water losses in homes to massive flooding in industrial buildings.  We have the experience and training to handle your Tampa water extraction needs and you’ll always speak to a live representative that can get a crew to your property quickly.  All trucks are fully equipped with the necessary drying systems and dehumidifiers.  And if there is any flooding damage to items within the property, such as couches, filing cabinets, or artwork or paperwork, we can assist with those items as well.

From the first time you call one of our Tampa water extraction companies you’ll experience a level of service that will help put your mind at ease.  Our job is to ensure our Tampa water extraction company handles your dryout needs quickly and with the utmost care possible.  So if you are anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, call us today for a free estimate and a rapid response!

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Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Tampa Bay area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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