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Toxic Mold Remediation

mold-inspectionOur humid climate can be the perfect environment for black mold to take root and grow quickly.  Do you have black mold in your home of commercial office?  If so, living or working in that environment can cause you to become very sick.  Black mold eats away at the walls, floors, ceilings and supporting structures of properties, all the while releasing harmful toxins that can make those exposed to it extremely sick.  It’s never something you want to experience, but if you are, we hope you’ll call our West Palm Beach mold removal company!


No amount of mold damage is too much for us…


Mold is challenging problem and something that needs to be handled by a professional team that knows what they’re up against and has the resources and experience to get the problem fixed.  It’s a real health issue and something that should ever be taken on by any that isn’t a certified mold remediation professional.  Here’s why…


Mold-exposureToxic mold can cause serious health problems.

Usually when we get to someone’s home that has black mold, the customer will describe the health problems they’ve been suffering.  Sometimes they’ll show visible signs, such as skin rashes and irritations, while other times they’ll complain about having headaches, feeling dizzy or coughing a lot.  The reason our body reacts to mold spores is they’re comprised of mycotoxins.


Mold cleaning should always be done by professionals!


cautionOur industry has some of the strictest standards when it comes to the mitigation process.  Given the complexities involved, and the risks if things aren’t done correctly, it should be much of a surprise.  That being said, it’s impossible for someone that doesn’t have the proper training and equipment to safely and effectively mitigate black mold damage.  Yet some people just do some quick internet searches and roll up their sleeves.  It’s a scary scenario but one people embark on daily.  What usually happens is they expose themselves to toxic mold spores and end up dispersing them throughout other areas of their property.


We rid your property of mold, and fix the root causes!


It’s a pretty simple formula for mold growth:

Time + Food + Moisture + Humid Temperatures = Black Mold

That’s it…given a small amount of time (36-48 hours), and the introduction of moisture on things mold feed off of (walls, wood, floors, etc), and the right temperatures, you’re going to end up with mold.  There’s one factor in that equation that is not normal and can be controlled: moisture.


What most people don’t realize is that their home has previously undetected water damage that has caused elevated levels of moisture to infiltrate their walls or other areas.  Maybe it’s from a small pipe leak in the wall, a leaky roof…whatever the cause, the moisture results in mold damage.  The picture above gives you an excellent example of how a breeding ground for mildew and mold can go undetected without the proper equipment.

As a certified flooding damage repair company, we not only can get rid of the mold properly, but we can detect and treat the moisture problems that have caused the mold.  What would happen if we didn’t go that extra step?  More than likely, you’d just end up back in the same situation a couple of months later.


Schedule a mold remediation quote today!


Free_EstimatesIf you are certain that you have black mold, and it’s over 10 square feet of affected area, we can provide you with a free estimate to have the mold removed and your property fully disinfected and treated.  Our mold remediation estimator will come to your home or business, assess the extent of mold and lay out what he feels is the appropriate mitigation plan.

Once complete, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and make sure you’re educated on your options.  And of course, we can present you with a full cost estimate!

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