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West Palm Beach FL Water Damage Restoration

Water losses, on average, occur every 11 years of homeownership. Whether it’s a water heater leaking, a washing machine hose popping loose, or a pipe bursting, if you have water infiltrating your home, it’s important you call a West Palm water damage company immediately! We’re certified as a water restoration company and would be happy to give you a free, no obligation estimate!


We offer affordable water damage repair service throughout West Palm Beach!


We charge affordable rates for all of our water restoration services.  In fact, our rates are calculated according to claims software that is also used by all major insurers.  We simply enter in the amount of damage and water will need to be done to extract water, dry out your structure, or replace areas, and it tells us what to charge.

We then present you with a free estimate to cleanup water damage on your property!

Don’t get robbed when it comes to getting a fair price for cleaning up water damage. While some water restoration contractors charge obscene rates for their emergency services, we only charge what insurance companies allow us to charge. How does that work? Watch this quick video to see:


Our technicians are fully certified water damage restoration professionals!


When you need someone to repair water damage on your property, it’s important they know what they’re doing and are capable of safely restoring the damage.  Part of that assurance is choosing a certified company.  Becoming certified requires a lot of training, classroom study, and being proficient with every piece of equipment used during the process.

Our technicians have the training and certifications to properly cleanup water damage!


We always back our water restoration service with a 1 year full warranty!


We know you just want this event behind you and to get things back to normal.  While we’re confident we’re the right West Palm water damage repair company for the job, it’s out job to prove it to you.  That’s why each job we tackle comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Not only that, but we provide a 1 year warranty on our work!


No need to wait around…call us now and we’ll send out a crew immediately!


Our focus is on responding to your water damage restoration emergency quickly.  It’s an urgent situation that requires a fast response and a concerted effort by all of our team members to begin the water extraction, drying and any restoration services necessary.

We have crews throughout the West Palm Beach area and can respond immediately with everything necessary to cleanup water damage! 


See what the water damage repair process involves…


We’ve found that customers that understand the process and can ask questions and get timely answered are usually the most satisfied. As such, we want you to know as much about emergency water mitigation services as possible, and we’ve created the video below to give you a high-level view of what we actually do when you call us to your property.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the West Palm Beach area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



What happens when water damage isn’t dried out professionally?


Unfortunately a big part of our job is cleaning up the mess after a homeowner attempts DIY water damage cleanup or an un-certified company is hired to do the job. Here are the pitfalls to that route…hopefully they make clear the importance of hiring a qualified water damage restoration company in a timely manner!


Black mold grows.

black-moldWhen you have elevated levels of moisture content in the surface of your structure, you’ve got a breeding ground for black mold. If all of the moisture spots are not identified and dried out quickly, and if anti-mildew applications are not used, you’ll probably end up with a huge mess on your hands and one that can potentially make you sick. On any project, our number 1 priority is drying out the structure as quickly as possible so that mold does not grow and infest your home and put your health at risk!


Your structure weakens.

Another result of flooding damage is weakening in your home’s support structure. Wood is rated for a certain amount of structural support, and when it gets wet, its ability to support weight decreases dramatically. So when it comes to delaying any water mitigation services, you run the risk of literally having portions of your home collapse over your head. It’s dangerous, and sadly we see it happen often.


Your insurance claim could get denied. All sorts of issues can arise when an insurance claim isn’t handled by a reputable water mitigation contractor that is approved by insurers and works with the appropriate claims estimating software. Insurers see claims through the lens of Xactimate, so any claims filed not using the appropriate language that they understand is bound to go poorly. We understand how to speak with insurers and our estimators are certified to use Xactimate for all insurance claim work!


Our West Palm Beach water damage restoration professionals have seen it all.  Whether your home or office has a small water soaked area caused by a gradual leak or you have standing water in commercial office, our water restoration company can help get your property fully restored quickly!

It doesn’t take long for water to irreparable damage to your structure and even less time for mold to take root and start growing!

Each West Palm Beach FL water damage restoration crew on our team is fully licensed, insured & certified to perform work on your home or office.  We utilize the best techniques, latest equipment, and guarantee your satisfaction on all of the work we do.  We’re also approved by every major insurance provider, which means our water damage in West Palm Beach crews can work directly with your insurance company to handle the insurance claim and billing process.  Whether you need water extraction & dryout services or you’re looking for someone to clean-up a basement flood, we can help.

By calling now, you can be assured you’ll always speak with a live West Palm Beach water damage expert and should you want immediate response, a crew can be dispatched promptly.  Our West Palm Beach water damage technicians will walk through your property to assess the damage and provide a free estimate for the cost of any flood restoration services that might be required.  So if you need a West Palm Beach water damage restoration company you can trust, call us today and speak with a live representative who can immediately dispatch a crew to provide a free estimate for your West Palm Beach FL water damage restoration needs!

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