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If you’re in need of Atlanta water damage restoration services, you’re probably stressed out and unsure of exactly what you should.  Dealing with a water damaged property is probably not something you’ve done before, but luckily full service water damage repair services are a phone call away.  Our Atlanta water damage professionals are fully licensed & certified to get your property back to normal fast.  Not sure how much it costs or what the process of cleaning up water damage entails?  We’ll provide a free, no obligation quote and discuss the process at that time!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Atlanta area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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What to look for in a water damage cleanup and repair company:


Responsiveness.  Water damage repairs can’t wait!  If the water sits in your property, it causes more damage and ends up requiring considerably more money and resources to fully repair.  So it you’ve got a flood, you need a restoration company that can respond to your emergency quickly and provide immediate help when you need it!


Free Estimate.  If you call a company and they’re trying to charge you a fee to come up and provide an estimate for their services, hang up and call us.  We’d be happy to provide a completely free quote for any water damage restoration service you might need.  It’s a written estimate and the price you’re quoted won’t change.


Certified Restoration Services.  Make sure the company you choose is fully certified to repair water damage.  Only a certified restoration company has the training and resources required to fully mitigate your loss, and if you end up using a non-certified company it could come back and bit you in the rear when you go to file a claim with your insurance company.


Don’t end up in a pickle when it comes to your insurance claim!


There are some Atlanta water damage companies that will try and inflate their rates based on the emergency nature of the job, and that can put you in a bad spot. Most insurers will balk at these attempts, leaving the homeowner to pay the remaining balance. That’s highly unethical and probably illegal, but it happens often. But not if you call RestorationEze. All of our water restoration contractors use Xactimate to quote your loss, so that the price is always fair and driven by accepted insurance claim rates.

Watch this video to learn how we estimate water damage:


Why should I hire a professional water damage restoration company?


Simply put, water damage is nothing to play around with.  There’s a few main reasons hiring a water damage company is your best bet:

They can save many things you would probably end up replacing if you tried it on your own.

Did your hardwood floors get flooded?  Or did an upstairs toilet overflow sending water pouring down your ceiling and walls?  Most homeowners usually assume that these types of flood events represent total losses and that they’ll need to have all of these places removed and replaced.  But we have specialized equipment that can, assuming we get started quickly after the flood, save many things you would chalk up as gone!


They can make sure your property is dry.

Many homeowners think that either they just need to get up any standing water or that if there is water damage they’ll be able to spot it.  Unfortunately that’s just not the case…in fact, it takes advanced moisture detection equipment to spot water that could be lurking within your walls, subfloor or ceiling.  You can see from the image below what infrared imaging reveals on a wall that seemingly appears safe and dry.  If this wall went untreated, it would slowly rot and become a structural hazard as well as a mold problem.


They can make sure your insurance claim is settled quickly and without issue.

Any reputable water damage company will be able to assist with your insurance claim.  In fact, they should be able to bill your carrier directly for any costs associated with cleaning up water damage so that you’re not having to pay for the full costs of repairs out of pocket.


They can prevent mold problems down the road.

With any flood, the 2 biggest concerns are the structural integrity of the home and mold.  Especially in a humid climate like Atlanta, mold can begin growing overnight.  That’s why you should always hire a water damage restoration company for your water loss.  They can ensure the structure is completely dry and can also apply anti-mildew spray that stops mold in its tracks and prevents it from growing in the future.

The water damage cleanup process takes trained technicians and advanced water extraction and drying equipment. A lack of either and you will end up with bigger problems. We see it everyday. We’ve created a video to help you see what we do when called to a water damaged home in Atlanta.


You never know when you’re going to need a professional water mitigation company, and the reasons can vary. Sometimes it’s a fault within the home, sometimes the city workers accidentally floods homes while working at the street level, while other times heavy rains cause citywide flooding. Whatever the reason, when it happens, please call RestorationEze today to get certified Atlanta water damage cleanup services you can trust!

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Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Marcus L. in Rex, GA – Pipe burst under kitchen sink

Customer had laminate flooring that began cupping due to kitchen sink flooding. Home was thoroughly inspected for moisture damage and appropriate structural drying methods were applied.

Rob P. in Marietta, GA- Air conditioner leaked water into dining room

Wet insulation, drywall, laminate flooring damage throughout dining room. Unable to save hardwood flooring and replaced flooring and drywall/sheetrock.