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flood-damage-companyDealing with home or commercial flooding can be daunting, but there is good news: getting your property returned to the exact same condition it was in before the loss is a lot faster than you might think! We offer complete flood cleanup & restoration services that you can trust. Whether you have one room with soaked carpets or water streaming through ceilings on multiple stories of an office building, we have the resources to get the mess fixed quickly.


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Free_EstimatesOur job is to quickly and as cost-effectively as possible mitigate any flooding damage and return your property to its dry state. That process starts with an onsite estimate. But we can’t estimate the cost to repair flood damage without first taking moisture readings and measurements to know where the water has traveled and what areas will need to be fixed. That can take about 1 hour, at which point we can offer you a free cost estimate for the work.


Did you know that all water damage companies charge the same rate? How is that possible? Well, insurance companies tell us what we can charge, so when you get an estimate from us, what you’re getting is a price generated by the same software your adjuster would use to estimate the loss. We do our best to determine the work that needs to be done, punch that into a system called Xactimate, which then spits out a price (again, based on what your insurance company will pay for those services). In actuality though, the total cost at the end of the job is determined by the actual work that was done and then chronicled in Xactimate. Here is how it works:


What does our flood restoration service entail?


If you’ve never experience a home flood, you probably aren’t aware of the process we usually have to employ in order to fix it. Here is a brief rundown of what we do:


Contain the flooding

water-extraction-serviceUpon arrival, the first goal is to stop the water from damaging other surfaces or areas of your home, or the possessions in your home. Wherever possible we will remove furniture and begin the cleanup process immediately. Depending on what area of your home has been affected, we can typically have 90+% of the moisture gone within a couple of hours of firing up our equipment. We use the most advanced water extraction equipment available on the market today.


Apply anti-microbials

mold-removalThe average amount of time it takes to remove all of the excess moisture in a home is usually around 3 days, and it can usually take longer. The average amount of time it takes black mold spores to damage your home, especially in our humid climate, is 2 days. So to bridge the gap and buy more time to dry out the structure (and remove the conditions for black mold growth) we spray down the area with an anti-microbial spray.



Air-movers-drying-water-damagedStructural drying can take many different forms, but the goal is the same: return your home to its dry standard. That means make sure the ‘wet’ areas have the same amount of moisture in them as the same surfaces in the ‘dry’ areas. You see, every surface has some moisture in it which it needs, and our goal is to dry it to that appropriate level without over-drying it. As mentioned above, this process can take up to 3 days or even longer depending on how the surfaces are responding to the drying systems in place.



reconstruction-water-damageFinally, we either hire a general contractor to repair any areas that needed to be removed or do the work ourselves. In many cases, some areas can’t be salvaged (such as cabinets, wood floors, or drywall). Where possible, we dry in place. But if that isn’t possible we will need to remove those areas. The final step is replacing anything that was removed so that we can make sure your home looks the same as before the flooding.


Still not sure how it works? If you’re more inclined to see it then believe it, you can watch the flood cleanup tutorial below. In it, we explain the various steps required to give you a better glimpse of what each step entails and so that you can begin to form a vision in your head for what to expect:


Savannah flood cleanup services that are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you choose us, you’re going with a water restoration company that is serious about providing great service. In fact, so serious we guarantee that each of our customers will receive the highest level of service from us and that once complete, they will be 100% satisfied. For us, that is the most important thing and without our customers’ satisfaction we have failed them. So call us today and get emergency flood restoration services you can trust!


Are you in Savannah and dealing with a flood damage emergency? If so, please call our Savannah flood repair company now for an immediate response and a free estimate. If you’re happy with the quote, we can begin the Savannah flood restoration work immediately so that your property is back to normal fast!

Flood Restoration

Comprehensive Savannah flood restoration services are our forte. We work tirelessly to make sure your Savannah flood damage restoration needs are met quickly and effectively. If you are in need of emergency help, please call us now and speak with a Savannah flood damage technician for an immediate response!

Flood Repair

Our specialty is dealing with Savannah flood damaged properties. We offer residents and businesses throughout the Savannah area reliable flood repair services. We always offer free quotes for Savannah flood damage repairs and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Flood Cleaning

If your Savannah home or business has experienced a flood, a fast response is necessary. We provide rapid Savannah flood cleaning services and can be at your property fast to get your property dry. So if you are in need of Savannah flood cleanup services that you can count on, please call now for a rapid response and free estimate.

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