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flood-damage-companyWater losses can take many different forms. Whether you just have a small area of wet carpet or multiple stories of flooding in commercial building, the result of not getting the moisture out quickly is the same: the property will breed toxic mold spores and create a very unhealthy living or working situation (not to mention a VERY costly remediation process). We offer emergency water cleanup & dry-out services designed to make sure your moisture problem doesn’t become a black mold problem.


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Free_EstimatesDid you know that even in dry homes there is small levels of black mold? And did you know that when moisture is introduced, it only takes 2 days for those spores present to produce more spores and create significant mold damage? It’s one reason we always respond to your call the moment you call and can be onsite within 1 hour to provide you with a free water cleanup estimate in Savannah and surrounding areas.


Perhaps even better than an immediate response time and free estimate is the fact that when you get a quote from us, you know that it’s done using the same system your adjuster will use when they’re working through your claim. That’s right! We don’t set our prices but depend on already accepted insurance rates to quote our water extraction services. If that seems weird, watch the video below where we explain how reputable Savannah water damage companies like us estimate our work:


We cleanup water damage the right way each time!


There are generally a few challenges you can anticipate when dealing with home flooding. If you hire a company that isn’t up to the challenge, sometime in the not so distant future you’re going to find yourself dealing with an even bigger mess than you are right now. Here are just some of the challenges even experienced Savannah water mitigation companies experience on jobs:


Accurate moisture detection


Perhaps the biggest stumbling block for some is actually finding the moisture. If you have standing water in your home, that may seem weird. Most people assume that you can just see it and then remove and then dry those areas. But the truth is water damage spreads to areas that you can see with the naked eye, and there can even be wet surfaces that look dry right in front of your face. Take a look at this bathroom wall. With the human eye, you might think that wall is dry. Heck the drywall might feel dry, but as you can see there is a ton of moisture in the wall cavity.





black-mold-wet-basementThis might seem weird, but once we’ve extracted all of the standing water that we can, we actually come back through the affected areas and spray them down with a liquid. Why? The liquid spray is a powerful anti-microbial that inhibits the growth of mold for a small period of time. That is necessary because mold can grow faster than we can dry. That means that you may develop a mold problem while we’re actually fixing your home. That’s obviously not a good thing, but despite that risk many water removal companies in Savannah don’t even bother to take this step. Yikes!


Fast & proper structural drying


drying-hardwood-flooringThe easiest part of water extraction services is getting out the standing water. The hardest part is quickly returning the wet areas to their ‘dry standard’. What we mean by this is that the goal of any dry-out job is to return the ‘wet’ areas to the same moisture levels as the ‘dry’ areas with the identical surface. Every surface has a small amount of moisture, which is good and normal. So the goal is to as quickly as possible return the wet areas to that standard. Why is it difficult? Don’t dry enough and those areas will get mold. Dry too much and it could irreparably harm the surface and actually ruin it.


Watch our Savannah water extraction service in action!


We made the video below to document the steps we usually need to take when mitigating a water damaged property. Many customers, when they call us, are unfamiliar with what we do and how we do it. If that’s you, then hopefully this video will help explain the water damage restoration process:


Our water removal services are completely guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur mission, in fact our entire reason for being, is to make sure that our customers are happy with both the quality of our work and our customer support. We can’t exist long as a business with your happiness, and so when you hire us to cleanup water in your home, you can trust that we won’t consider the job closed out and completed until you’ve indicated you are 100% satisfied with everything we’ve done!


Our water cleanup technicians are the best in the industry!


checklistIn order to even be considered for an open position, applicants must pass a criminal background screening. But even once hired, our commitment to your safety continues. First, employees must pass random drug screening and alcohol testing. Secondly, they must maintain a valid certification from the IICRC. Lastly, they must carry proper insurance, including general liability and workers compensation insurance.


Don’t worry, reliable Savannah water removal services are just a phone call away. We know the importance of an immediate response to a water loss in Savannah. It’s why we have water extraction technicians available around the clock to handle all of your Savannah water cleanup needs and provide a free estimate for any work required!

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For years, our Savannah water removal technicians have been helping residents & businesses get water out of their property. We specialize in around-the-clock response to any water removal situation you might have!


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Regardless of the amount of water you need extracted in Savannah, our water extraction companies have the resources and ability to get your residential or commercial property dry and back to normal! So call our Savannah water extraction service now for a rapid response and free quote!

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In need of Savannah water cleanup services that are fast, reliable & that you can trust? Then please call us! We specialize in serving Savannah customers that need rapid water clean-up services and always offer you a free estimate!

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