Boise ID Basement Flood Clean-up

You can’t mess around when it comes to repairing basement flood damage! It’s not a project that you can take on by yourself as it requires specific equipment and trained eye to make sure the water is quickly and safely extracted from your home. We offer complete basement water extraction & flood damage repair services throughout the Boise metro area and would be happy to give you a free on-site assessment and estimate!


24/7 emergency Boise basement water extraction & restoration!


Did you know mold can form within 48 hours of a basement flooding?  Or that water can cause your home to lose it’s structural integrity and put you at risk of the walls caving?  It’s just a couple of reasons we’re geared towards quickly responding to your emergency & always arrive prepared to tackle the situation!

We offer 24/7 rapid emergency response!


Fair & affordable rates and always free estimates!


When we get to your property to examine the flooding in basement, we can determine the measurements for the damage and what will need to be done to dry out your property.  All of our service rates are determine by standard insurance claims estimating software, so there’s never any doubt we’re providing you with a fair price!

We always present you with a free estimate to cleanup basement flooding damage!


Want to know how we guarantee a fair rate that will be accepted by your insurance company?  Watch the video below to understand how Xactimate ensures the correct price for any basement water extraction services you may need:


Guaranteed service & the protection that comes with a 1 year warranty!


All too often Boise basement water cleanup companies are more than willing to take your money but should something go wrong they’re never heard from again.  If you’re not happy or problems arise, you’re left to deal with them on your own!  But not with us…when we say we provide service you can count on, we mean it!

We always guarantee your satisfaction & always give you a full year warranty!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Boise area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



What does certified basement flood restoration service look like?


Most Boise water damage projects follow a similar path.  While the equipment can vary as the surfaces affected differ (as well as the extent of the damage), the video below gives you a better idea of the basement water damage cleanup process:


What happens to improperly mitigated basement floods?


basement-moldWe see this almost daily and please trust us, it’s just not something you want to go through.  No one wants to have to have their basement professionally mitigated and dried out, but the alternative is dangerous.

The biggest risk, and one that is guaranteed, not a maybe or could happen, is black mold. If the loss isn’t properly mitigated, you will get black mold.  It’s that simple. How do we make sure that never happens?  We implement a few prevention techniques:


() accurate & thorough moisture assessments – this can not be overlooked or done incorrectly.  There is really only one way to combat mold, and that is make sure the moisture levels are low enough that it can’t survive.  We use sophisticated equipment, including infrared cameras as seen below, to find and monitor moisture levels throughout the process.



() anti-microbial spraying – we go the extra mile to stop mold growth, and that also includes applying an anti-fungal spray to basement walls, flooring, or any other surfaces that are wet.  After we extract the water, we then go back and spray our powerful anti-microbials throughout the area.  This step gives us more time to complete the project and hold off mold growth!


airmovers-structural-drying-equipment() fast dry-times – ultimately, we have to remove the moisture fast enough and make sure that in the process we don’t cause secondary water damage (this happens when evaporated moisture isn’t properly trapped in dehumidifiers and exhausted outside the basement and ends up traveling to other (dry) areas of the property and makes them wet. We own the most powerful drying equipment on the market ensuring we can get your basement dry before black mold takes root!


Knowing the water category for your basement flood:


Within the water & flood damage restoration industry, there are 3 categories that help determine what protocol is used to cleanup basement flooding.  Here’s a quick rundown of each category…do you know which one your loss falls under?


Clean Water

This is the ‘safest’ category type as it poses no risk to the dwelling’s inhabitants.  Clear water is a flood that contains safe drinking water.  Examples of clean water losses are sinks overflowing,  broken toilet tanks, or leaks from appliances that do not contain contamination.


Grey Water

Gray water is a category 2 water loss and contains significant contamination, whether it’s chemical, biological, or physical in nature.  It can make you sick from skin contact and/or ingestion.  If you’ve had a an overflow from a washing machine, an aquarium that has leaked, or leakage from the room-side of a toilet bowl with urine in it, you’d have a grey water loss!


Black Water

This is the most dangerous water loss category as it poses a serious risk to those who come into contact with it.  Black water is grossly contaminated and has disease causing agents (pathogens) that can make you extremely sick.  Personal protection equipment must always be worn when dealing with this loss!  Category 3 losses include sewage back-ups and flood waters from streams and rivers (or any water that has passed over the ground before entering your basement).

Is your Boise ID basement flooded?  If so, you need professional basement water extraction & flood damage repair services fast.  We offer emergency service designed to get water out of your basement fast and dry things out quickly.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage in Boise that can occur.  Our team can arrive within minutes of your call to begin the basement water removal process and we can typically have 97% of the moisture gone within 1-2 hours of being on-site.

We use the best water extraction and containment equipment as well as industrial strength drying & dehumidification systems so that we can get any moisture out of your property as fast as possible.  Not only that, but our flood damage in Boise ID crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement flood doesn’t result in a mold problem.

So if you are dealing with a flooded basement, please call us now and we can dispatch a licensed, certified & insured crew to help get you back to normal fast!

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