Boise Fire Damage Restoration

Fire-damageRepairing homes and offices after a fire is what we do.  Where you have questions, we have answers.  We take a bad situation and get it fixed, and we do it all affordably and fast.  No matter what type of fire damage or soot build up you have, we can professionally cleanup & restore your property so you can get back to life!  Let us help put this event behind you…

Don’t wait – call now for immediate service!


When fire strikes, know what to do…


Confusion can easily set in when you’re dealing with fire or smoke damage for the first time.  And unfortunately, that confusion can often lead to mis-action or in-action on the part of the homeowner.  Don’t make mistakes when it comes to cleaning up fire damage.  There’s too many variables at play and too many opportunities for something to go wrong.


Always call a Boise fire restoration company first!


But I thought I was supposed to call my insurance company?

phone-sans-shadowNope, that needs to happen at some point, but it’s certainly not your first order of business.  What people often lose sight of is the fact that they, not their insurance adjuster, are responsible for seeking professional help when it comes to fire or water damage restoration services.  Your adjuster’s job is to evaluate and then determine whether or not they’ll be paying for any restoration services that occur.  But it’s not their job to get your house fixed or tell you what restoration contractor to use!


Get a price quote upfront based on approved rates!


There are some cleaning companies out there that will take on a fire damage repair job if it falls in their lap but they aren’t equipped to handle every aspect of the job.  And one of the problems you can run into is them pricing the job by whatever they think is fair.

Don’t be fooled!

Free_EstimatesA reputable fire repair company in Boise will use estimating software that calculates the total cost of the project based upon rates that are approved by insurers.  We are one of those companies, so you know when our technician provides you with a free estimate upfront, it’s a fair price.

We always offer free estimates for any fire or soot damage cleanup services you might need!


Check to make sure they have proper certifications!


CertificateIconChoosing the right smoke damage cleanup company can be nerve-wracking, especially since you need to make a quick decision.  One thing to always ask is whether or not they are certified by the IICRC.  This is the certifying body of the cleaning & restoration industry and any reputable fire damage company should be certified to do the work.

All of our contractors are fully certified to get your fire damaged property restored correctly!


Get assurances before work begins!


Ysatisfaction-guaranteeou have plenty to worry about without having to get fire damage cleaning services.  So you certainly shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the mitigation company you’ve hired is going to do a good job.  It’s why we always recommend finding out whether the company offers a full satisfaction guarantee before you move forward.

We’re confident in our employees’ ability to do things the right way and make sure they’ve exceeded the expectations of our customers.

It’s why we always offer a full satisfaction guarantee!


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