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Sewage back-ups can be caused by any number of things and take on all shapes and sizes. While some are limited to crawlspaces, others can flood an entire basement. But no matter what’s happened to you, if you have standing raw sewage, you have an emergency on your hands that should always be dealt with by a professional sewage cleanup company in Boise! We offer certified service, guarantee your satisfaction, and always give you a free cost quote!


Emergency Boise sewage back-up cleaning service!


There’s over 100 different disease-causing viruses, bacteria & parasites in raw sewage, many of which can be contracted simply by being exposed to the air.  That’s over 100 reasons why we need to get there fast to get the area cordoned off and get the sewage damage cleanup process started.

So give us a call anytime for a guaranteed immediate response time!


No need to guess – we offer free sewage removal estimates!


Once our technicians arrive at your home and put on the proper safety gear to inspect your sewage damage, they can then survey the affected areas and determine a mitigation plan.  At that point, we can go over what we’ll do, answer your questions, and make sure everyone is on the same page!

We can then provide you with a free, no obligation estimate!

How does the estimating process work? If you watch the video below you’ll see that we use the same estimating system that your adjuster would use when assessing the loss. That means our prices are the same is if it were your adjuster, or any other reputable water damage company in Boise for that matter. We hope you’ll take a minute to watch below so that you understand the straightforward and fair process we are known for with our customers:


Certified sewage damage cleaning & repair services!


We hope that you’ll choose us for your sewage cleaning service needs…but even if you choose another provider, please make sure they’re certified to do the work.  Sewage back-ups are serious business and require a strict protocol for the restoration process.  Only a certified sewage removal company knows how best to clean the mess up!

Our technicians are fully certified to perform any cleanup & repair work!


Each job comes with a satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty!


When we’re called to cleanup raw sewage, we make sure every aspect of the job is done right and that you’re completely satisfied with our work.  You’re in a tough spot and you deserve to have a company that stands behind what they do…it’s your home after all!  So we promise to treat it like it’s our own and exceed your expectations!

We always guarantee your satisfaction & offer a full year warranty on labor!


Can’t I just throw some bleach on it and clean it myself?


Bleach actually doesn’t do anything to actually disinfect the sewage damaged areas. But beyond that, anytime you expose yourself to raw sewage you’re putting your health at risk. We’ve made the quick video below to try and make clear to anyone in your position exactly what you’re up against, as well as the challenges we as professionals face when tasked when restoring a home damaged by a sewer backup:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Boise area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If your sewage damage is covered by insurance, we can just bill them!


The cost for sewage cleanup service can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage.  In some cases it’s just a few hundred dollars and in other cases it can be several thousand dollars.  But if your loss is covered by insurance (and in most cases they are) we can just bill them directly instead of you having to pay out of pocket and then wait for a reimbursement check!

Did you know one of the most common reasons for a sewer backup is from fats, oils and grease (FOGs) being poured down the drain? If you have a habit of pouring bacon grease or any other oily residue down your drain, do yourself a huge favor and start pouring it into a glass jar instead and throwing it out with your trash!

We specialize in emergency sewage back-ups cleaning service throughout the Boise metro area.  It’s a stinky, dangerous crises that requires immediate professional help.  That is why our Boise water damage restoration crews are available any time you need us to get raw sewage out of your basement or property.  We believe we are only as good as our last job.  It’s why we work hard to ensure each Boise water extraction job we perform is done with the utmost professionalism.

We know you have many choices when it comes to help with your Boise flood damage event, and we hope you’ll call us when it happens.  Each of our basement flood experts has years of experiencing cleaning up sewage back-ups of all sizes.  We use patented equipment and certified sewage water extraction techniques to get out the mess and make sure your property is clean and dry.

So call sewer back-up cleaning company will be at your home or office in minutes to provide a free estimate for any services you need performed!

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