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Black Mold Remediation Company

mold-inspectionBlack mold is a serious problem and something that should always be handled by a professional remediation company that can handle whatever your property might throw at them.  While some people try and remove mold damage on their own, they usually end up causing more problems and putting their health at risk during the process.  If you have mold in your home or commercial building, we hope you’ll call us to learn more about our Indianapolis mold removal services!


What you can expect from our mold remediation company…


There is a lot of bad information out there when it comes to mold issues and specifically about the dos and don’ts of getting it out of your home.  Here’s some things we like to explain to customers so that they have a better sense for what is going on and what to expect.


Get a mold removal assessment.


Free_EstimatesOur first priority is to come to your home and get a very clear picture of your mold issues.  In some cases, the mold is extremely evident and contained to one area of a property.  In other cases, further inspection reveals more extensive black mold damage than is immediately evident.  Whatever your situation may be, we can fully diagnose the extent of mold as well as provide you with a free estimate to cleanup mold and make sure you are free from harmful toxins that might be making you or others sick!


We perform certified mold removal processes.


If you choose us as your Indianapolis mold remediation contractor, you can rest easy knowing every phase of the process will be done according to certified protocols.  There are plenty of mold removal companies out there willing to cut corners just to save a buck or two…it’s sad, especially because it can effect your well-being!



We fully contain the affected area.  Creating an air tight environment ensures that during the process of actually removing mold that spores aren’t kicked up and dispersed throughout other areas of the property.



mold-removalThis can take many different routes depending on the location of the mold, the type of surface it’s on, etc.  Whether we have to completely remove drywall or subfloor or we are able to remove the mold without having to pull out sections of the home, we make sure that we are able to remove all mold damage and also use negative ion systems to capture any mold spores that have been released into the air during the process.



Once we’ve removed all visible signs of mold, we then spray a fungicide throughout the area.  We have several different types of solution we can use depending on the severity of the black mold, but the process is the same.  We spray down the area, then vacuum up any excess moisture then set air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure all moisture has been removed from the structure.  As a water damage company, we’re able to not only remove the mold but the moisture conditions that created your mold problem!


Reconstruction & Testing

If it’s the case that we had to remove sections of flooring, ceilings, or drywall, we will reconstruct those areas so that no one would ever know the difference.  Once we’ve completed the project we can order 3rd party environmental samples that will confirm that your home is once again safe from toxic levels of black mold!


Our mold remediation services are 100% guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe believe the right thing to do by our customers is to stand by our work and ensure their happiness.  We believe we will provide Indianapolis mold remediation services that are guaranteed to result in negative environmental testing.  But it’s not just about making sure we’ve done the work correctly.  It’s also about making sure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of our performance…it’s something we guarantee as well!

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