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Indianapolis Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire-damageDo you need help after suffering fire damage to your residential or commercial property?  If so, we hope you’ll call us.  We provide complete fire damage restoration and smoke mitigation service throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.  With one call, we can handle every aspect of your loss.  From the repair services to help with your insurance claim, our goal is to get your property fixed and your life back to normal with as little headache as possible and as quickly as possible!


It’s your home – make sure it’s done right!


There’s certain services that you need done right, and cleaning up fire or smoke damage is most definitely one of them.  What most people don’t realize is that fires can cause structural damage to properties and if not fixed properly, can put you in danger.  It’s just one of the reasons we make sure any and all fire damage cleanup services we perform are always done right!


You get a fair price – our estimates are free!


Free_EstimatesOne thing we always guarantee is a fair price.  In fact, the rates we charge for any fire or soot damage removal services are determined by insurance companies.  Because the work we do is usually paid for by them, we are bound by their reimbursement rates.  So instead of us choosing what we can charge on a job by job basis, we just use a estimating calculator called Xactimate that decides our rates.  It’s actually the same system that your insurance adjuster uses to calculate the loss, so you know it’s fair.


Just relax…our technicians know what they’re doing!


cautionOur job is to make sure you’re safe.  It’s not a job we take lightly, and it’s something we are committed to.  That isn’t always the case with other Indianapolis fire damage companies…many simply aren’t willing to make the investments in their employees to ensure that they’re providing the best possible fire restoration service to their customers.

Don’t end up picking the wrong fire restoration company!


Drug-free & background-screened!


checklistWhen you absolutely must let strangers into your home, wouldn’t it be nice to know that they are good people and are safe?  We think so.  It’s why technicians have to pass our test: if we wouldn’t want them in our home, they’re not going to show up to yours.  So to help ensure they’re good people, we screen any applicants that are considered for work and they must pass a criminal background screening.  And if they’re lucky enough to get hired, they then must pass random drug tests.


Certified & insured!


CertificateIconWouldn’t be nice to know that all the technicians working on your property were fully trained and certified?  Of course it would!  And that is exactly what you get should you choose our smoke removal company.  Our technicians are trained in every aspect of the fire and smoke mitigation process, know their way around all of the equipment that is used, and we insure them.  It’s the best way to ensure great service – arm your employees with all of the tools and skills they need to be successful at their job.


We handle all fire damage insurance repairs!


Is your fire loss covered by insurance?  In most cases, it probably is and you’ll probably want to go through the claim process.  But you definitely don’t want to do that on your own.  Instead of calling your adjuster and filing the claim on your own, just call us!


bill-directWe offer insurance assistance and direct billing!

As an added service to our clients, we navigate the entirety of the claims process for you.  That includes working hand in hand with the adjuster and making sure he/she has everything they need to get the claim settled successfully.  And it also means handling the bill directly with the insurer!

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