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Indianapolis Basement Flood Cleanup & Restoration

If you’re in Indianapolis and dealing with flooding damage, we can help! Our Indianapolis flood repair company offers immediate responses and always free estimates.  A certified, insured & licensed flood restoration technician will come to your home or business and can walk with you through the flooding, discuss what needs to be done, and answer your questions!  So call now for fast, affordable & reliable flooding restoration services!


We repair flooding damage fast!


And when we say fast, we mean it.  We can respond in under 60 minutes to your call and our Indy flooding cleanup technicians show up ready to get to work.  We can quickly perform the flood extraction process and begin drying out your home within a couple of hours on-site!

So call us now for a fast flood damage response!


We always give upfront & free flooding repair estimates!


Are you calling around looking for a free estimate to repair flood damage in your home or business?  If so, please give us a call.  It doesn’t matter what time you call, you’ll always be greeted by a live person & we can immediately dispatch a flood cleaning crew to your property!

We’ll gladly provide you with a free quote for our flooding restoration services!

The estimating process should never be confusing, and we make sure of it! Some water damage companies might try and scam you sensing your vulnerability. It’s terrible, but it happens. We always make the estimating process transparent, and even use the same loss estimating software as your insurer. Watch this video to see how we determine the costs of flood cleanup services:


We guarantee you’ll love our flood damage company!


We pride ourselves on offering the best Indianapolis flood repair services.  From the friendliness of our staff, to the respect we show your home, to the help we offer with your insurance company, we go out of our way to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

It’s why we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all jobs!


Only certified technicians cleanup flood damage in your home!


It’s important that you choose a flood restoration company that is certified to perform the work you need done.  Not choosing a certified company can end up causing you a lot of problems and a lot of money.  If the flood cleanup process is not performed correctly, it could lead to mold and secondary water damage.

Our technicians are certified flood damage restoration providers!

What does certified service look like? Watch the video below and find out what professional flood restoration services entail!


We are insurance-approved & can bill insurance!


When it comes to dealing with flood damage in Indianapolis, some of our customers have told us the biggest headache was dealing with their insurance claim.  So to take that stress off your shoulders, we can assist with your claim and work with your adjuster to settle the claim quickly.

Or to make it even simpler, we can just bill them directly!


Flooded basement?  We guarantee you’ll be mold-free!


mold-free-guaranteeIf you have basement flooding, you’re going to end up with black mold unless the loss is properly mitigated and fully dried out.  Many people make the mistake of performing that task on their own, only to realize they’ve got a lot bigger problem on their hands down the road.

We cleanup basement flooding quickly and completely and take preventative measures to make sure any mold cultures are stopped in their tracks.  Once complete, we ensure your property is dry and that you are guaranteed mold free!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Indianapolis area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Indianapolis Basement Water Extraction You Can Trust!


flooded-basement-heavy-rainingWhether you have a sewage backup in your basement or it’s flooded from a frozen pipe that busted, getting the moisture out quickly is a job always best left to the professionals. But even water damage companies in Indianapolis aren’t always up to the job. Some don’t have the equipment to discover all of the moisture issues while others lack the skills to effectively remove it without causing additional damage. And others can’t complete the job quick enough to ensure black mold damage doesn’t occur.

Don’t leave your basement water cleanup service to chance. Call us and let us get your basement dry before mold growth occurs!


Protecting against flooding damage


At RestorationEze, we talk a lot about preventative measures people can take to never have to call us. We realize that might seem counter-intuitive since we need your business to stay afloat, but we can’t help but try and educate people on flood prevention tips. So many of the losses we encounter could have been stopped, so please take a minute to review this section to help arm yourself with knowledge!


How are your gutters? Properly functioning gutters are the easiest way to prevent water from pooling next to your foundation and possibly entering your basement.

Are is your property ‘waterproof’? While plenty of companies will try and charge you an insane amount to waterproof your property, following some simple steps can make the difference when heavy rains or snow melt assault your home!

Do you have a properly functioning sump pump? Sump pumps can make all the difference when it comes to flooding, but in many cases they fail when they are needed most. If you already have a sump pump, read these maintenance tips to make sure your last line of defense is up to the challenge!

And if your basement is taking on water from snow melt, here s a quick guide to help navigate you through the process!


Flood Restoration


If you live in Indianapolis and need emergency flood damage restoration services, please call us now. We specialize in providing a rapid response throughout the Indy metro area for any and all flood restoration emergencies and can provide a free no obligation estimate today!


Flooding Repair


Should you be in a situation where you need Indianapolis flood repair services, a fast response is crucial. We specialize in 24/7 emergency flood damage repairs and would be happy to come to your home or office and offer a free estimate for any work you might need done!


Flood Cleanup


Everyday in Indianapolis, disasters occur that require rapid flood cleaning services. When they do, you can count on our flood cleanup company to get your home or office fully dry and restored fast. We offer a free, no obligation cleanup flood estimates as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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