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Sewage Backup Cleaning Indianapolis

Sewage Back-up CleaningWe assist people that have experienced the unpleasant results from a sewer line back-up. Given the nature of sewer water, and its propensity to harbor harmful, disease-causing agents that can make you or members of your family extremely sick, we always recommend you call a certified sewage cleanup company.  We would be happy to help you understand what needs to happen to get your home restored and provide immediate water damage restoration services if desired.

24/7 Sewage Damage Cleanup Services!


When a sewer line backs up, here’s how we can help…


This is probably a first for you (and hopefully a last!).  Given that, it can sometimes feel daunting knowing what to do, what questions to ask, and who to trust.  So here’s some general information you should know when you find yourself in need of Indianapolis sewage extraction services:


Always get a free estimate & fair price guarantee!


Free_EstimatesYou may be surprised to discover that all sewage backup cleaning contractors charge the same amount.  Unlike other industries where the service provider chooses what to charge and prices can vary considerably among different providers, we all work off of the same pricing guidelines.  The reason for that is because almost all sewage damage cleanup services are covered by insurers, so they set the rates we can charge and they will reimburse.

That means that when we provide you with a free, upfront cost estimate to clean sewage backup in Indianapolis, you know it’s fair and it’s the only estimate you need!  Watch this 1 minute video to learn more!


Insurance claim help & direct billing!


bill-directGiven most of our projects are covered under insurance company policies, we are well-equipped to handle insurance repairs and can work with the adjuster assigned to your claim.  Our specialists take that load off your shoulders and can provide the necessary information they’ll need to get your claim submitted and successfully filed.

Not only that, but we can send the full invoice for our work to them directly!


Certified sewage restoration services!


CertificateIconDisinfecting a home and repairing sewage damage isn’t always straightforward.  In fact, just the process of containing the damaged area and making sure no harmful particles are spread throughout the property is complex.  And that’s just the beginning.  The entire process is done according to very stringent protocols outlined by the IICRC and must be followed closely to keep everyone safe and make sure the home is clean once we are gone.

It’s just one reason we always ensure the Indianapolis sewage cleanup contractors that arrive at your property are fully certified to do the work!


We ensure you’re completely satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeHow do you know if a water damage company is serious about making sure they provide excellent service to their customers?  We think the best way to know is by asking them, before work begins, if they will guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Every sewage backup cleaning company in Indy we work with guarantees all of their work.  In fact, the job isn’t considered complete until you have signed off on the job and indicated you are happy with the services rendered!


Insured, licensed & bonded contractors!


checklistSafety is our business.  At the heart of our work is making sure that you are safe.  And while that should be the goal of any sewage extraction contractor you call upon, many don’t take the steps necessary to ensure your safety.  And that includes making sure they have the proper credentials to be onsite.  Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded & insured.  That means, should an accident occur you are protected and are not liable for any claims arising from the accident!


Are you considering cleaning up sewage damage yourself?


Hopefully just due to the fact that you are on our web site indicates you understand this situation requires professional help, but in case you’re considering getting brave, we hope you’ll watch this video on the dangers of working with raw sewage:


As you can hopefully see, the process of safely removing raw sewage is very involved, and there are a host of procedures and regulations that must be followed. If you think it’s a matter of just buying some rubber gloves and protective goggles and getting to work, please understand that you’re making a mistake that could put your health in serious risk!

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